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St Patrick’s Day gift news and more

I hope you are all enjoying the festivities and freebies of the St. Patrick’s celebrations this weekend. I’ve not forgotten you, but you will have to read down to find out what I have in store 😉


I have been working extremely hard over the last weeks and finally I have finished the first part of the Interactions series. Woohoo! It’s been many many weeks of prim-bending to get it to this stage, working and re-working it as I noticed imperfections. There still are some, I’m sure, but it was time for it to be finished and I’m happy with what I have to offer you.


However…… it is not on general release *yet*. Mainly because I am running out of prim space at the store and I don’t want it to be squashed into a single vendor. But I will let you in on a secret – all the items have been uploaded and are available in my OnRez storefront, so please take a look and perhaps snap up a piece or even a set before it’s available to the SL public.

Also, I have set out a few selected pieces at a completely bonkers knock-down price JUST FOR THIS WEEKEND at Baron Grayson/Sue Stonebender/Tryst’s “Group Colonic Event” (read the Tryst group notice archives for an explanation). Mostly I have put out one item from each set in different colourways, but it is possible to get the entire Silver/Nickel/Diamond set for a mere L$396 – full price will be L$1000 per set. Each individual item is L$99, but remember, it’s for this weekend only, so hurry! There’s also some unreleased goodies by other fabulous (way more fabulous than I) SL artists and builders available there for knock down prices, so well worth having a wander around.

::St. Patrick’s Day Gift::

I have a St. Patrick’s Day Surprise for you all that I think you will LOVE. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I will be dropping it directly to members of the ~flirt~ group on Monday 17th February, St. Patrick’s Day itself, so if any of your friends have left the group (why they would wish to I don’t know, lol) they need to rejoin before then to get the goodies. Feel free to tell your friends/colleagues/groups/the old lady down the street. The group will be closed for a few hours during the course of Monday whilst I dish out the gift to you all, and then reopened, and it will NOT appear in the notice archives, you have been warned.

::Soon to be Released::

Lastly, I have finished some more facial piercings for the ~flirt~ piercings range. They are sat in my inventory waiting for me to get the vendor images done, them boxed up and put into vendors which will (hopefully) be in the next few days, God and family willing. I’ll let you know when they’re in the shop, and yes, these are for men too. (I’ve put a few of these out at the Tryst Group Colonic too!)

Phew! Well done for reading so much! I’ll try to keep it shorter next time, I promise 😉


Skinks xx


~flirt~ piercings

A few of my male friends have been nagging me a bit because I’d not made anything for them yet so I started a new line, ~flirt~ piercings. And, as they look so good on men, why not on us girls too?

~flirt~ piercings

I’ve released two designs of ear cuffs today. Some facial piercings will follow once I’ve finished the recolours and vendor ad’s.

Each pack of cuffs, crafted from precious metals and the tiniest of tiny-prim diamonds (not just texture diamonds), comprises three versions for each ear. Positioned to attach to the nose, mouth or chin respectively you can wear your ear cuffs easily with other attachments such as a face-light or sunglasses without the hassle of tricky repositioning. Male and Female versions are available, positioned and sized for the “average” shaped avatar for each gender. A single pack costs L$75, with the fatpack priced at L$375, available at the ~flirt~ store in Juicy or OnRez

~flirt~ Ear Cuffs

~flirt~ Four Band Ear Cuffs

Huge thanks to JoshuaSteven Schism who most graciously agreed to be my male model for the ad’s and endured posing naked with me whilst I nagged him to death about not wriggling his eyes. You sure are one HOT avi Josh! *hugs*


Hearts & Diamonds

Released a week or so ago and available at the ~flirt~ store on Juicy Boardwalk (previously know as La Reina) or on OnRez. Each set is L$300 with the fatpack of five plain sets at L$1000.

~flirt~ Hearts & Diamonds

~flirt~ Hearts & Diamonds Colourways


A new blog for my new store

~flirt~ teaser ad

The store has been open for a week or so now, so it was about time I made a blog specifically for it, rather than fill The Dressing Up Box with posts about my releases.

~flirt~ is the name of my jewellery and photographic art store in Second Life. I chose the name because a dear friend once said that my art was my flirting. And, he has a point, I can flirt with the best of them, but I have other skills too. His comment came at a time when I was learning a lot about myself, reconsidering my place in the world (first and second lives) and looking at where I wanted to be heading. The things I was involved in I was successful at, but I was getting no fulfilment from them. One day during this time I went out to the Calleta Railroad Hub to take some pictures of a costume for my blog. In the process of taking and editing those pictures something happened inside me which is reflected in the art I created that day, “Homeward Bound” (viewable at the ~flirt~ store, in-world). Together with other “coincidences” I was encouraged to pursue my love of creating art, something I had excelled at as a schoolgirl, but put aside for more academic pursuits ever since. Having given myself the freedom to explore my creativity I was soon building, and the prims just kept getting smaller.

I hope you enjoy some of what I make, but to me that is of secondary importance. What is most important is that *I* enjoy it, and I do very much. When I don’t, I will stop.

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