A new blog for my new store

~flirt~ teaser ad

The store has been open for a week or so now, so it was about time I made a blog specifically for it, rather than fill The Dressing Up Box with posts about my releases.

~flirt~ is the name of my jewellery and photographic art store in Second Life. I chose the name because a dear friend once said that my art was my flirting. And, he has a point, I can flirt with the best of them, but I have other skills too. His comment came at a time when I was learning a lot about myself, reconsidering my place in the world (first and second lives) and looking at where I wanted to be heading. The things I was involved in I was successful at, but I was getting no fulfilment from them. One day during this time I went out to the Calleta Railroad Hub to take some pictures of a costume for my blog. In the process of taking and editing those pictures something happened inside me which is reflected in the art I created that day, “Homeward Bound” (viewable at the ~flirt~ store, in-world). Together with other “coincidences” I was encouraged to pursue my love of creating art, something I had excelled at as a schoolgirl, but put aside for more academic pursuits ever since. Having given myself the freedom to explore my creativity I was soon building, and the prims just kept getting smaller.

I hope you enjoy some of what I make, but to me that is of secondary importance. What is most important is that *I* enjoy it, and I do very much. When I don’t, I will stop.


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