~flirt~ piercings

A few of my male friends have been nagging me a bit because I’d not made anything for them yet so I started a new line, ~flirt~ piercings. And, as they look so good on men, why not on us girls too?

~flirt~ piercings

I’ve released two designs of ear cuffs today. Some facial piercings will follow once I’ve finished the recolours and vendor ad’s.

Each pack of cuffs, crafted from precious metals and the tiniest of tiny-prim diamonds (not just texture diamonds), comprises three versions for each ear. Positioned to attach to the nose, mouth or chin respectively you can wear your ear cuffs easily with other attachments such as a face-light or sunglasses without the hassle of tricky repositioning. Male and Female versions are available, positioned and sized for the “average” shaped avatar for each gender. A single pack costs L$75, with the fatpack priced at L$375, available at the ~flirt~ store in Juicy or OnRez

~flirt~ Ear Cuffs

~flirt~ Four Band Ear Cuffs

Huge thanks to JoshuaSteven Schism who most graciously agreed to be my male model for the ad’s and endured posing naked with me whilst I nagged him to death about not wriggling his eyes. You sure are one HOT avi Josh! *hugs*


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