~flirt~ Band Rings

To coincide with the “Say I Do” Bridal Expo 2008 at which ~flirt~ is pleased to be a participant, I have released the first three in a line of Band Rings. I refrain from calling them “Wedding Rings” as although these rings are of the type often given to a partner to mark marriage, in Second Life partnership means so many different things to so many different people that the label is too limiting. Plus, certainly to my personal taste, many of these rings are lovely enough to be worn as dress rings without any symbolism at all.

The ~flirt~ Pizazz Ring & Band Ring

Diamonds, the ultimate symbol of love. Platinum, the most enduring and rarest of metals. Together, the perfect gift to express your undying love.

The Pizazz Ring comprises the finest round brilliant prim diamonds set in pure platinum to form a stunning yet tasteful ring.

The ~flirt~ Pizazz Ring :: Platinum/Diamond

The ~flirt~ Pizazz Narrow Band :: Platinum/Diamond

The ~flirt~ Pizazz Wide Band :: Platinum/Diamond

The ~flirt~ Elegance Band Ring

The Elegance Band Ring comprises no less than 56 tiny round brilliant prim diamonds set in pure platinum, held within a highly polished platinum band. The natural twinkle of the prim diamonds catches the eye, bringing back treasured memories at a glance.

The ~flirt~ Elegance Ring:Slim :: Platinum/Diamond

The ~flirt~ Elegance Ring:Narrow :: Platinum/Diamond

The ~flirt~ Elegance Ring:Medium :: Platinum/Diamond

The ~flirt~ Elegance Ring:Wide :: Platinum/Diamond

The ~flirt~ Elegance Ring:Extra Wide :: Platinum/Diamond

The ~flirt~ Wedding Band

The ~flirt~ Wedding band, simple yet perfectly formed, minimal yet undeniable is the clearest way you can show your devotion. The smooth shine asks to be touched, evoking treasured memories and promising memories yet to be formed.

The ~flirt~ Wedding Band:Slim :: Platinum

The ~flirt~ Wedding Band:Narrow :: Platinum

The ~flirt~ Wedding Band:Medium :: Platinum

The ~flirt~ Wedding Band:Wide :: Platinum

With ~flirt~’s reputation for breathtaking unique designs and high quality build technique you can be assured that your high-prim jewellery won’t lag you down because Avatar Rendering Cost of each piece is kept to an absolute minimum (usually well under 100) whilst maintaining aesthetic beauty. No bling scripts are used in ~flirt~ jewellery. Instead, the 100% prim jewels have their own natural twinkle.

Whilst some designs may be more preferable to either male or female avatars, all are available to both genders, with versions included pre-fitted to the average male and average female hand size. Resize scripts are fitted as standard, so fine tuning to your individual avatar’s size can be achieved with a simple click. Versions are also included pre-fitted to both the left and the right hands, so no struggling with re-attaching your ring if your culture wears symbolic rings on the right hand rather than the left (or vica versa). As always, if you are having problems with fitting your~flirt~ jewellery perfectly please do not hesitate to contact Skinkie Winkler in-world for assistance.

All ~flirt~ rings have copy, no transfer permissions and come boxed in a decorative jewel box. If you would like a ring to be delivered for you, or would prefer a transferable version, with or without a presentation ring-box, please contact Skinkie Winkler who will be happy to arrange this for you free of charge. If you would like further customisation of your ring including engraving, alternate metals and/or gemstone please contact Skinkie Winkler to discuss your requirements.

You may also be interested in the ~flirt~ Wedding Service, details of which will follow.

PLEASE NOTE:: These rings are not yet available in the ~flirt~ mainstore. I am planning a rebuild and so, until it’s re-opening new items can be found at my On-Rez Shopfront or at my smaller stores in Pamran and Unusual Isle. The Band Rings can also be found at the Bridal Expo until July 27th.


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