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Tiffany Ring used in outfit review

When I read about the ‘New School’ collaboration […] I knew I had to rush right over and buy all of the pieces“, writes ~flirt~ customer Gabby Panacek in her recent blogpost ‘Tag Team’. The outfit she showcases looks really stunning (yours truly will need to buy Skinkie the shoes featured), but what we really appreciated is Gabby’s closing paragraph: “For now though, I just added Maitreya’s Frenzy heels, my favorite ring and some funky earrings from Flirt.

The items she wore are:



Aye mateys, get yer Pirate Day specials!

Hello loyal ~flirt~ crew, and landlubbing friends. Captain Skinkie has created 10 Treasures especially for the Pirate Day Hunt at Unusual Isle. She has put them into bottles, and stashed them around her store and the rest of the island, and believe me, some are pretty hard to find. Plus most of the other pirate captains anchoring at Unusual Isle have hidden treasures as well.

So move yer rotten bones and find the bounty, since today is the last day of the hunt.


Grand Re-Opening Sale

Exciting news, friends of ~flirt~. Skinkie has pushed the deadline for the Grand Re-Opening back one week, so we would like to invite you all on Sunday, September 13 to celebrate with us and see the new build and the new lines of jewellery.

Today we packed the contents of the old shop and moved it up in the sky, on a platform at 250m altitude just above the cloud layer.

And guess what, we’re doing a sale!

Almost all items are at a 50% discount until the reopening. The whole interactions line – 50% off. The Laynie necklace – 50% off. The Pizzaz and Elegance rings – 50% off. And even the famous Tiffany ring and the Pearls of Wisdom necklace is 25% off.

And finally, there is also a discontinuation/retirement sale: the earcuffs and piercings are going to be retired forever at the Grand Re-Opening – so this is the last chance to get them!

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