~flirt~ Tiffany Range officially released

Since its release in June, the ~flirt~ Tiffany Ring has been one of the signature items of jeweller Skinkie Winkler, praised in many reviews and worn by well known fashion icons. An exclusive Pink Diamond version got auctioned for Relay for Life in July. Today, we officially release the complete range of Tiffany items, consisting of bracelet, 3 necklaces (regular, pendant and double strand), stud and drop earrings and the ring, available in amethyst, diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire.


The Tiffany jewellery range was inspired, unsurprisingly, by the designs of the jewellers Tiffany & Co. of London. As with every design, the finished product is rarely identical to the inspiration, the process of building, the qualities of the prims and the limitations/lack of limits of Second Life each adding to it’s


The Tiffany Drop Earrings consist of glittering diamonds set in the finest platinum and fall in two strings from a large, rare gem encircled by precision placed micro-prim diamonds to form an earring that few will surpass. “Luxury, elegance, and decadent sexuality in equal measure.”


The three Tiffany necklaces are hand built and djusted to perfection. The Tiffany Pendant uses two attachment points (chest & spine) and boasts a combined weight of 346 prims, an ARC of only 40 and two pendant types, to suit shapes of all proportions. Finally the Tiffany Double Strand Necklace – the necklace of every woman’s dreams – showcases 417 tiny twisted and hand placed prim jewels and should be worn with pride to be seen in.


Weighing in at a mere 126 prims each, the subtle design of the Tiffany Studs add class to any outfit. In spite of the number of prims, careful design and build technique has ensured that these gems won’t lag you down, their Avatar Rendering Cost being only 35.


Comprising a single flawless 7.15 carat Linden precious gemstone surronded by double row of 75 melee diamonds set in platinum on a band shouldered by a further double row of diamonds, the ring is available with five central gemstones – Diamond, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire and Emerald. With an Avatar Rendering Cost of only 20-25 (minumum possible being 10, suggested avatar total being 500-1000) this ring is the perfect way to show a loved one just how much you care. Two rings are included in the box, fitted to the left and right hand respectively, and whilst sized for the average female hand size (20), it is fitted with a resize script to ensure the perfect fit for every shape.

~flirt~ jewellery and Avatar Rendering Cost
Each piece of ~flirt~ jewellery is hand built and 100% prim-based. Care has been taken to assure the lowest possible Avatar Rendering Cost (contribution to sim lag) possible whilst 7 below 100 in whichever combination you choose.

Where required, your jewellery is fitted with a resize script. Simply click on the root prim, usually the largest central gem, to open a dialogue box and follow the instructions. A full instructions notecard is included should you need it. You are strongly advised to use a pose stand when repositioning your
jewellery, one is provided. Should you run into difficulty, and if your shape is transferable, I will be more than happy to fit your jewellery for you. This service is only available for transferable items.


We offer customisation services for all items. This can be changes to metals and stones and – where applicable – engravings. An additional cost of 500 L$ per customisation applies.

Pricing and availability

~flirt~ Tiffany Bracelet: 400 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Necklace: 700 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Double Strand Necklace: 1000 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Drop Earrings: 450 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Pendant: 1000 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Ring: 700 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Stud Earrings: 350 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Set: 3000 L$ (1600 L$ rebate compared to single items)

Right now, these items are only availbale in-world at the ~flirt~ mainstore (SLURL), our booth at Glamour Expo (SLURL) and our booth at Jewelry Expo (SLURL). It will take a bit until we have listed them on Xstreel SL (SL Exchange) and OnRez – please bear with us.

At all 3 locations you will also find DEMOS of the pieces, so you can try them on before you buy.

Please enjoy the Tiffany Range!


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