Handle with care – the ~flirt~ Fragile! set

The FRAGILE! series of high couture statement jewellery from ~flirt~ is a range of individual pieces hand-crafted from glass and sterling silver. The dichotomy of the materials is a reflection of the human condition. More specifically, FRAGILE! represents our innermost self and how we choose to display it to the outside world. Oftentimes our core is tender, easily broken, sensitive. We choose either to display this and risk damage, or to protect it, sheathing it from harm, but also covering it’s reflective beauty.


Considering these two states, Skinkie Winkler created a range of dramatic pieces to be worn as a statement, alone or combined with others in the range. It is purposeful that no “set” of necklace, earrings and bangles has been put together: No two individuals are the same, and Skinkie feels it is not her place to choose on your behalf which goes with which. Predictable, Unpredictable, Swayed, Twisted or Split… what makes up your unique self?


The three necklaces consist of a unique combination of sterling silver and glass and has a unique touch of “not possible in real life”. The chain element is hand positioned, and fits perfectly to a wide range of shapes, easily adjustable with the built-in resize script.


Picking up the theme of the necklaces the Fragile earrings feature the same unique combination of glass and silver. The Disc earrings feature clear and sharp lines of the precious metal, while the Glass Disc earrings are a variation of the initial combination of the unlikely pair of materials.


The series of 4 twisted bangles further explore the possibilities of silver and glass, splitting the metal – or getting split by it, framing the metal or getting framed by it. The varying parts allow to combine these modern and almost architectural parts with a wide range of clothing.

The Fragile V2 Bangle and the Chunky bangle again emphasize on variations of the same theme – glass and metal, here light, there massive. The ultimate in lightness is the Disc bangle, featuring 11 slices of ultra-thin metal.

Please note: The left and right bangles are not meant to be mirror images, but identical pieces which “look” different when worn on different arms. This is an artistic decision, not a mistake or poor workmanship.

~flirt~ jewellery and Avatar Rendering Cost
Each piece of ~flirt~ jewellery is hand built and 100% prim-based. Care has been taken to assure the lowest possible Avatar Rendering Cost (contribution to sim lag) possible.

Where required, your jewellery is fitted with a resize script. Simply click on the root prim, usually the largest central gem, to open a dialogue box and follow the instructions. A full instructions notecard is included should you need it. You are strongly advised to use a pose stand when repositioning your
jewellery, one is provided. Should you run into difficulty, and if your shape is transferable, I will be more than happy to fit your jewellery for you. This service is only available for transferable items.


We offer customisation services for all items. This can be changes to metals and stones and – where applicable – engravings. An additional cost of 500 L$ per customisation applies.

Pricing and availability

~flirt~ FRAGILE! Bangle v2[Resize] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Chunky Bangle[Resize](ARC43) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Disc Bangle[Resize](ARC48) 150 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Disc Earrings [ARC29] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Earrings [ARC82] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Glass Disc Earrings [ARC66] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Predictable Necklace [Resize](ARC255) 500 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Split By Glass Bangle[Resize](ARC39) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Split Glass Bangle[Resize](ARC79) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Swayed Necklace[Resize](ARC255) 500 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Twisted Bangle[Resize](ARC83) 150 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Twisted Glass Bangle[Resize](ARC83) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Unpredictable Necklace[Resize](ARC255) 500 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Everything Pack 2,900 L$ (500 L$ rebate compared to single items)

Right now, these items are only availbale in-world at the ~flirt~ mainstore (SLURL), our booth at Glamour Expo (SLURL) and our booth at Jewelry Expo (SLURL). It will take a bit until we have listed them on Xstreel SL (SL Exchange) and OnRez – please bear with us.

At all 3 locations you will also find DEMOS of the pieces, so you can try them on before you buy.

Please enjoy the Fragile Range!


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