Kitty and Willow love ~flirt~

Delightful Kitty O’Toole posted some photos of her wearing ~flirt~ jewellery on Flickr a few days ago, so we knew she mit write something on it soon. We were not prepared for the amount of praise though:

Fragile....The textures really are as good as the PR would suggest and I’m seriously enamoured with it, BUT I’m absolutely besotted with the ‘Fragile’ series, created by Skinkie Winkler ( FABULOUS name!) I haven’t taken it off since I received it! […] It’s evident that the people behind Flirt don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk when it comes to creating quality, and if this were the real life high street it would be the kind of loveliness that only the very best stores would sell.

Willow Zander shows that the Tiffany range can be nicely combined with Neko ears, and even though the Fragile series does not meet her personal taste, she enjoyed it nevertheless:

Tiffany is a GORGEOUS set, the detail in it is AMAZING and I don’t think i’ve ever in my whole Slife seen such a gorgeous Diamond texture as this, honestly. I love the colour of the Ruby it’s very precise and clear as crystal, they really do look genuine […] There is also NO bling in these babies, isn’t that great 😀 Overall I think all I can say about these are OMFG GORGEOUS! SRSLY!

Read her full report on her blog. Thank you Kitty and Willis!


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