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Fukubukuro – get your ~flirt~ New Year’s Lucky Bag (limited edition)

2009 ~flirt~ fukubukuro

In the Japanese culture, stores offer Fukubukuro (福袋) “Lucky Bags” on New Years Day. While initially used to get rid of surplus merchandise, nowadays the “Mystery Bags” have become a constant feature of popular culture. The bags are sealed and contain randomly selected regular items at hefty discounts, causing some stores to have long queues around city blocks hours before the store opens on New Years Day.

As a Thank You to our customers and the success of the ~flirt~ jewellery in 2008, we offer Fukubukuro mystery bags on New Years Day as well.

  • Only 100 Lucky Bags are available
  • Each bag contains an assortment of ~flirt~ jewellery, personally selected and combined by Skinkie Winkler, as well as some surprise non-jewellery items
  • Each bag has at least a 50% discount value
  • Selling of the bags will automatically start on Midnight SLT on January 1st and will end after 100 bags have been sold (or 24 hours after the start)
  • The jewellery in the bags will – like all ~flirt~ products – be no-transfer

Thank you very much for a great 2008 – enjoy your Fukubukuro bag!

~flirt~ Fine Prim Jewellery (SLURL)



当店をごひいきにしてくださっているお客様と、2008年における ~flirt~ ジュエリーの成功に感謝をこめて、私たちも、お正月に秘密の袋を提供いたします。

  • 福袋は100個限定
  • 各福袋は、Skinkie Winklerがセレクトした、 ~flirt~ の宝石の詰め合わせでです。
  • 各福袋とも50%以上の割引価格になっています。
  • 福袋の販売はSLT時間の0時から自動的に開始になり、100個完売時(または開始から24時間後)に終了します。
  • 福袋の宝石は、 ~flirt~のすべての商品と同様に、再販/プレゼントはできません。



December blog roundup

Skinkie and myself are absolutely amazed about the love the blogs showed for ~flirt~ during December. Naturally, the nsowflake-inspired Esprit de Neige got a lot of attention, for example from Nissa Nightfire:


I can’t do justice here to the amazing non-bling sparkle of these gems. You have to see them in-world to appreciate the beauty of a twinkling snowflake. Fortunately — you can do that! Skinkie offers free demos in her store. And, as with all her jewelry, this set is easy to resize, and has a low ARC.

Freyja Nemeth combined Esprit de Neige with a gown from SF Designs and managed yet again a stunning combination:

The most striking feature of this jewellery is perhaps the delicacy of the prims, which really echoes the frail beauty of a snowflake. This is further emphasized by the texturing, which does a great job of getting across the feel and appearance of cold, crystalline snow. The earrings, in particular, are very lovely.

Dorothy “Dot” Willis is especially impressed by the traditional primwork of the choker:

Many unique snowflakes comprise each piece and I love the snowflake design as it’s very pretty and, it’s winter after all. I especially like the choker and the bracelet, and wow, i just looked at how many prims the choker has – 240!

My friend Laleeta Xue mentioned the ~flirt~ gift for the Peace on Earth hunt on her collaborative blog “Baking Cupcakes“:

This set looks so delicate, I simply adore it! While there have a look around at the new releases, I personally bought the new Bloom Ring. It never leaves my hand anymore!

And finally we know what Willis is talking about (clever pun, eh?) – Willow Zander showed her love not only for Esprit de Neige but also for the Bloom ring series:

I absolutely love this Choker, it comes with 2 options, glow and non glow and with 2 body attachment places too, so no more fiddling about effing it all up. […]It’s an adorable mesh of snowflake type prims and exquisite workmanship and I for one am happy I have a copy!

The Bloom rings also got reviewed by wonderful Alicia Chenaux:

Review - ~flirt~ Bloom rings

Something that I know a lot of partnered women will love is that rings for the right and left hands have been included, so there won’t be any fussing about having a partnership ring knocked off, or having to reattach to the other hand and move around. Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have time to do that! There is a resizer script included as well, which is a feature I love in prim jewelry since often the prims are too tiny to be reduced with a plain Stretch.

The Bloom ring in Onyx was also seen on one of Cajsa Lilliehook’s wonderful outfit combinations.

Look Of The Day [Nov.14/08]  2

A big ~flirt~ Amythyst in Platinum Tiffany Ring pulls in another dash of purple to round out the look. Having fun with a dash of colour makes me oh so very happy.


Achariya Rezak chose the Hearts & Diamonds choker to complete one of her “Dress me up” challenges:

Second, and contrasting with the toughness of the hat, is this choker from ~flirt~. I really like the quality and color-changing ability of the choker, too.

And finally one of the Wedding bands was featured on one of Second Life’s best known male fashion blogs – SL Men – by fashion blogger icon Ben Vanguard.

A warm thank you for all those wonderful reviews!


~flirt~ gifting options

**All ~flirt~ jewellery is sold with NO TRANSFER permissions**

The reason for this is twofold – to protect YOU against inventory loss, and to protect ME against resellers/copy theft. If your jewellery is transferable, it has to be “no copy”, so you aren’t able to make back-up copies, or add it to outfit folders. If you lose the item I can’t be 100% sure you aren’t trying to pull a fast one and whilst I know 99.9% of my customers are fine upstanding genuine honest people, there are the 0.1% around. However, with the perms set as “Copy, no transfer” not only can you make back-ups to gaurd against inventory loss, but if the worst happens and SL eats it completely then as long as you have a transaction number, I can simply replace your item(s) with no worries – and I am very happy to do this.

Unfortunately this means that sending ~flirt~ jewellery as a gift isn’t as straightforward as simply buying it yourself and giving it to the recipient. Read on for the easy ways around this 🙂


    Flirt Gift Card Certificates We sell gift cards in various denominations at the mainstore and some of the satellites. ~flirt~ gift boxes are available at the mainstore for you to present your gift card in.
  2. ONLINE / Web
    The majority of ~flirt~ jewellery is listed on OnRez and XStreetSL, both of which allow you to have your purchased delivered to the avatar of your choosing.

    Please note, “flirtacious Magic” is the ~flirt~ store management alt. and is used to handle sales in-world and on OnRez/XStreet SL. All jewellery is created by Skinkie Winkler

  3. ~flirt~ GIFT SERVICE
    We are very happy to deliver your gift directly to the recipient on your behalf, packaged in a decorative jewel box, and including a personal notecard from yourself. To arrange this please drop a notecard to Skinkie Winkler including details of the items you wish to be delivered, the recipient’s name, and the date on which you wish it to be delivered. Skinkie will then contact you directly to arrange payment, finalise details, and then deliver your gift for you.

Due to “real life” the last day for Christmas deliveries will be Wednesday 24th December, Christmas Eve. I am unable to deliver items on Christmas Day itself.

If you have any questions not answered on this card, please contact Skinkie Winkler directly. If your question pertains to a purchased item please include details including the transaction number. Notecards prefered.


XstreetSL and OnRez updates

~flirt~ Xstreet SL storefront

~flirt~ Xstreet SL storefront

Over the past couple of months we slowly switched the inventory and vendors over to the ~flirt~ store alt Flirtacious Magic. Using an alt account for business purposes solves quite a few problems, mainly seperating the transactions and circumventing the 25 group limit. The last major step was to update the web storefronts on XstreetSL (the portal formerly known as SL Exchange or SLX) and OnRez with the recent creations. This task has now been completed, so you can get the full range of Tiffany, Fragile, Hearts & Diamonds II, Pearls of Wisdom and Esprit die Neige via the web. This is also useful when you want to send ~flirt~ jewellery as a gift, since those two portals allow you to have the items delivered to another avatar.

~flirt~ OnRez storefront

~flirt~ OnRez storefront

We hope you enjoy browsing and buying ~flirt~ jewellery offline, and we kindly ask you to use the rating/commenting feature of both webshops to let other shoppers know that you like the ~flirt~ creations. As a sidenote: OnRez allows comments also by people who did not purchase an item via the web – so maybe some of our esteemed existing customers feel inclined to leave a comment too.

Click on the photos or use these links to find the webshops:

Thank you!


A “Thank you” from ~flirt~

When I was just starting out building jewellery I was offered a satellite store at one of my favourite shopping areas, but at the time I couldn’t afford anything other than the mainstore so I regretfully had to decline. However, recently a redesign of the mall has meant that a shop became available, so I am thrilled to tell you that ~flirt~ has just opened a new satellite store at House of Heart, Tropical Escape! That brings the number of ~flirt~ stores to…

  1. Mainshop on Juicy
  2. Journey, next to TULI skins
  3. House of Heart New satellite!
  4. Gateaux Boulevard
  5. DiS Mall on Thistledown
  6. Fleamarket on Retrology
  7. Metaverse Broadcasting Corporation
  8. Pamram
  9. “Winter Fairytale Expo” on Vanity Universe

Why am I telling you this?

Well, in the spirit of the season, every day from today until Christmas Eve there will be one regular product in one of the ~flirt~ stores reduced to one Linden. Yay!

Thing is… I’m not going to tell you which…. or where *evil grin*

Then, on Christmas Day there will be a special gift sent out ONLY to members of the ~flirt~ Subscribe-o-Matic group!

The first gift is already set to L$1 – so go, find!

Thank you for all your support this year, and a very Merry Christmas to you all!


Skinkie xx


Reviews without lingerie

Sorry to disappoint you – no lingerie this time, even though our friend Quaintly Tuqiri did quite some teasing in her review:

I figure I’ll never need to buy another piece of jewellery in SL coz this will match absolutely anything I decide to wear, lol. See how versatile it is! And how pretty and elegant!

She has some impressive photos in that article, showing how versatile Hearts & Diamonds can be combined to various styles of clothing.

Quaintly shared her thoughts on jewellery pricing (and pricing in general) on her blog today, which is interesting to read as well.

Ivalde Flirt Efemera Bisiani, who reviewed ~flirt~ creations before, combined the classic Tiffany Diamond set with a gorgeous gown by Ivalde. The resulting ensemble is formal yet stunning, monochrome yet sparkling and makes you stand out at any event. Read Efemera’s thoughts in her blogpost.

My dear SL-sister Trinity Dechou recently married in SL, and Skinkie’s gift for the event was a specially crafted choker with variations on the number 3 (as in Trinity). While this is not (yet) a jewellery line for public release, Trinity posted a gorgeous photo on her Flickr stream, and finally there is also some lingerie in this post:
Gun & Lingerie


Esprit de Neige jewellery line released

The Esprit de Neige (Spirit of Snow) jewellery was created by Skinkie Winkler for the Peace on Earth hunt in December 2008. The special hunt gift is available until December 31 in the ~flirt~ mainstore:

Esprit De Neige comprises many tiny snowflakes formed from the inner core of twisted and tortured prims. Within the entire set there are no two snowflakes the same, each one is unque, individual, beautiful in it’s own right, moreso when joined with others in structured symbiosis. Nature reflecting human nature? Human nature reflecting nature?

Today, the full range of Esprit de Neige is released, adding a bracelet, a choker, earrings and a ring. All are build with hundreds of regular, tiny tortured prims. The items are available with or without subtle glow effects and look different at any given time depending on the athmospheric settings in your viewer.

~flirt~ Esprit die Neige set
~flirt~ Esprit de Neige Bracelet
~flirt~ Esprit de Neige choker
~flirt~ Esprit de Neige earrings
~flirt~ Esprit de Neige ring

~flirt~ jewellery and Avatar Rendering Cost

Each piece of ~flirt~ jewellery is hand built and 100% prim-based. Care has been taken to assure the lowest possible Avatar Rendering Cost (contribution to sim lag) possible. Where required, your jewellery is fitted with a resize script. Simply click on the root prim, usually the largest central gem, to open a dialogue box and follow the instructions. A full instructions notecard is included should you need it. You are strongly advised to use a pose stand when repositioning your jewellery, one is provided. Should you run into difficulty, and if your shape is transferable, I will be more than happy to fit your jewellery for you. This service is only available for transferable items.


We offer customisation services for all items. This can be changes to metals and stones and – where applicable – engravings. An additional cost of 500 L$ per customisation applies.

Pricing and availability

Available in the ~flirt~ mainstore and at our booth at the “Winter Fairytale” expo at Vanity Universe.

~flirt~ Esprit De Neige:Choker[MResize]BOXED Choker 700 L$
~flirt~ Esprit De Neige:DropEarringsBOXED Earrings 350 L$
~flirt~ Esprit De Neige:Bracelet[MResize]BOXED Bracelet 450 L$
~flirt~ EspritDeNeige:Ring[MResize]BOXED Ring 400 L$
~flirt~ Esprit De Neige: Full Set 1,500 L$ (save 400 L$ compared to individual items)

Flickr Photos

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