Reviews without lingerie

Sorry to disappoint you – no lingerie this time, even though our friend Quaintly Tuqiri did quite some teasing in her review:

I figure I’ll never need to buy another piece of jewellery in SL coz this will match absolutely anything I decide to wear, lol. See how versatile it is! And how pretty and elegant!

She has some impressive photos in that article, showing how versatile Hearts & Diamonds can be combined to various styles of clothing.

Quaintly shared her thoughts on jewellery pricing (and pricing in general) on her blog today, which is interesting to read as well.

Ivalde Flirt Efemera Bisiani, who reviewed ~flirt~ creations before, combined the classic Tiffany Diamond set with a gorgeous gown by Ivalde. The resulting ensemble is formal yet stunning, monochrome yet sparkling and makes you stand out at any event. Read Efemera’s thoughts in her blogpost.

My dear SL-sister Trinity Dechou recently married in SL, and Skinkie’s gift for the event was a specially crafted choker with variations on the number 3 (as in Trinity). While this is not (yet) a jewellery line for public release, Trinity posted a gorgeous photo on her Flickr stream, and finally there is also some lingerie in this post:
Gun & Lingerie


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