~flirt~ gifting options

**All ~flirt~ jewellery is sold with NO TRANSFER permissions**

The reason for this is twofold – to protect YOU against inventory loss, and to protect ME against resellers/copy theft. If your jewellery is transferable, it has to be “no copy”, so you aren’t able to make back-up copies, or add it to outfit folders. If you lose the item I can’t be 100% sure you aren’t trying to pull a fast one and whilst I know 99.9% of my customers are fine upstanding genuine honest people, there are the 0.1% around. However, with the perms set as “Copy, no transfer” not only can you make back-ups to gaurd against inventory loss, but if the worst happens and SL eats it completely then as long as you have a transaction number, I can simply replace your item(s) with no worries – and I am very happy to do this.

Unfortunately this means that sending ~flirt~ jewellery as a gift isn’t as straightforward as simply buying it yourself and giving it to the recipient. Read on for the easy ways around this 🙂


    Flirt Gift Card Certificates We sell gift cards in various denominations at the mainstore and some of the satellites. ~flirt~ gift boxes are available at the mainstore for you to present your gift card in.
  2. ONLINE / Web
    The majority of ~flirt~ jewellery is listed on OnRez and XStreetSL, both of which allow you to have your purchased delivered to the avatar of your choosing.

    Please note, “flirtacious Magic” is the ~flirt~ store management alt. and is used to handle sales in-world and on OnRez/XStreet SL. All jewellery is created by Skinkie Winkler

  3. ~flirt~ GIFT SERVICE
    We are very happy to deliver your gift directly to the recipient on your behalf, packaged in a decorative jewel box, and including a personal notecard from yourself. To arrange this please drop a notecard to Skinkie Winkler including details of the items you wish to be delivered, the recipient’s name, and the date on which you wish it to be delivered. Skinkie will then contact you directly to arrange payment, finalise details, and then deliver your gift for you.

Due to “real life” the last day for Christmas deliveries will be Wednesday 24th December, Christmas Eve. I am unable to deliver items on Christmas Day itself.

If you have any questions not answered on this card, please contact Skinkie Winkler directly. If your question pertains to a purchased item please include details including the transaction number. Notecards prefered.


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