Thank you very much, and a Happy New Year

Thank you very much. The Fukubukuro mystery bags cleared in less than 12 hours, and both Skinkie and myself are amazed. Thank you so much for your love for the ~flirt~ jewellery, and for the trust to buy sealed bags. Skinkie and me took a look at the shop a couple of times and were amazed that there were visitors at all times. And our Japanese supporter Mayaka Beck – who in fact got the very first bag – reported on her blog:

そして念には念を・・・と販売の約1時間前から並びましたw  誰もいないかな・・・と思ったら、既に並んでいる人がいましたえぇ 販売30分前の16時半から人がどんどん来だし、16時50分には待つ人でいっぱいになりました羆 SLでもRLでも福袋を待つ列は同じだ・・・と思ってみていました^^;  ちなみに待ち時間の間に待っている人同士で「Happy New Year!」と声をかけあい、和気藹々とした雰囲気になっていました。
(Rough translation: There were about 16 people waiting for the bags to appear at midnight, and greeted themselves with “Happy new year” wishes when the event finally started)

We wish you a wonderful new year, we hope you all manage to reach some of your goals, to stay – or become – happy, to live your first and second life to the fullest, to always maintan the balance etween the two. Our best wishes and love for your loved ones as well. May 2009 be a good year for all of us.


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