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~flirt~ Karma Booster Lucky Bags

Well, I have to go into hospital tomorrow for a minor-ish op, but knowing my prediliction for having every complication under the sun I thought I should go get me some exta karma, just in case.  And what better way than to  have a sale!

Karma-Booster Lucky Bags Poster

Not just any old sale though.  I’ve made up some absolutely fantastic bargainaliscious Karma Booster Lucky Bags for you all!  Priced at either L$500 or L$1000, each one (and there are ten varieties of each) is packed full of sparkly ~flirt~ goodness worth between 2-3 times the price!!! The catch? You don’t know what’s in them until you open it up…I’m sure you will be more than happy though!  There’s LOTS of Tiffany, over half the bags containing at least one piece, plus all your other ~flirt~ favourites.

To make sure that everyone gets a shot at them I’ve set up servers to sell limited numbers of bags at different times of the day over the weekend… and on Monday as that is my Real Life birthday! Times at which the sale will start each day are listed below.

  • Wednesday 29th April – 3pm SLT
  • Thursday 30th April – 2pm SLT
  • Friday 1st May – 4pm SLT
  • Saturday 2nd May – 10am SLT
  • Sunday 3rd May – 12 noon SLT
  • Monday 4th May – 2pm SLT

Come along, boost your karma and be good to your soul!

~flirt~ fine jewellery mainstore


The Fairest Jewel: Poetry Competition Winners

My sincere apologies for the delay in bringing you the results of The Fairest Jewel Poetry Competition, held in association with The Poet’s Plunder. We have been overwhelmed by the high standard of the entries, making it very hard to choose between some of the best poems. However, the judges were in agreement about the winner, a short poem called “Shimmer” written by Shylah Oceanlane.

glowing bright,
jewel, beauty or love,
each illuminates the night….

“Shimmer” by Shylah Oceanlane: First place winner

Congratulations  Shylah!  Your poem encompasses the premise of the competition, vividly describing the justaposition of the three elements, jewels, beauty and love.

Second and third place were harder to decide, with three poems tying in points.  However one stood slightly ahead, capturing the meaning behind the gift of jewellery perfectly.  Congratulations, Bliss Windlow, for your poem, “Promise”.

a jewel beyond
the “forever” gathered
and placed
in my ring.

“Promise” by Bliss Windlow: Second place winner

Third place therefore was a tie.

..on thine dainty finger
gleams a token of
mine deepest, truest

“Devotion” by Mirasol Inglewood: Joint third place winner

Tumbled diamonds
across a silent sky
unspoken knowing
you and I ….

“Tumbled Diamonds” by Bliss Windlow: Joint third place winner

Congratulations to you all!  Winning poetry will be incorporated into artwork and displayed in the ~flirt~ mainstore over the coming months.

In view of the outstanding quality of the entries, the following poems all recieve an “Honourable Mention”.

My secret love is a beautiful jewel held forever in my heart.

“My Secret Love” by Latex Zemlja: Honourable Mention

Eyes were wide,
Tongue was tied;
Then a ring..
“Yes!” she cried.

“Proposal” by Mirasol Inglewood: Honourable Mention

Diamond Stars,Pearl Moon,Topaz Seas,
Your Love – Fairest jewel of these.

“Fairest Jewel of All” by Kate McLaglen: Honourable Mention

Perfect and beautiful,
Like a flawless jewel.

“Shine” by Sehra Kauffman: Honourable Mention

It flows
your topaz eyes
to my heart ….
and ignites unspoken ….
magic …..

“Topaz Eyes” by  Bliss Windlow: Honourable Mention

An additional prize of a L$250 ~flirt~ storecard will go to each of these runners up.

Thank you to all who took the time to put virtual pen to paper and make the judging so incredibly hard. For more information about the poetry scene in Second Life please contact Klannex Northmead for an up-to-date schedule or grab one (for free) from XStreetSL.  The Poet’s Plunder Open Mic, hosted by Klannex, is every Saturday at 6am SLT at the Bookworm Cafe, Da Vinci Isle. Continue reading ‘The Fairest Jewel: Poetry Competition Winners’


~flirt~ Bloom Series

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The first set of jewellery I ever bought in Second Life was a pretty colour-change flower set from Coconut Ice which I wore constantly.  Simple and understated, I could match (or clash) the colours to everything in my wardrobe.  The scripting however, was clunky, laggy and text-based, and my love of deleting product notecards meant I quickly forgot the channel number and colour names needed to make it work.  I suspect that this set, in part at least, was what inspired the ~flirt~ Bloom Series, although the flowers themselves evolved from one of my now regular prim-torturing sessions where I just play with tiny prims and see what happens.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Pearl

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Pearl

Each piece of jewellery, in fact, every single of the non-changeable prims in the enitire series, is hand-painted with homemade textures – literally hundreds of hours of painstaking work – to provide five semi-precious stone varieties: Black Onyx, Jasper, Pearl, Turquoise and Yellow Jasper.  A further set, in beautiful pink Rhodochrosite, is now exclusively available in aid of RFL2009.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Rhodochrosite::Relay For Life 2009

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Rhodochrosite:Relay For Life 2009

The metal and crystal parts of Bloom are texture change, twelve metal and twelve crystals combining to provide over 140 possible varieties! Seriously, try to find me an outfit you CAN’T match these to!  As with all ~flirt~ jewellery each piece is fitted with a “click to resize” function, and multiple attachment point versions are provided.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Black Onyx

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Black Onyx

The ~flirt~ Bloom Series isn’t “cheap”.  It is however incredible value for money, and with ~flirt~’s high build quality and attention to detail it’s an investment every fashionista needs to make.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Turquoise

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Turquoise

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Yellow Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Yellow Jasper

So, how does YOUR garden grow?

See ~flirt~ flickr stream for images of individual pieces.
Full range and demo’s available from ~flirt~ fine jewellery mainstore

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