~flirt~ Bloom Series

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The first set of jewellery I ever bought in Second Life was a pretty colour-change flower set from Coconut Ice which I wore constantly.  Simple and understated, I could match (or clash) the colours to everything in my wardrobe.  The scripting however, was clunky, laggy and text-based, and my love of deleting product notecards meant I quickly forgot the channel number and colour names needed to make it work.  I suspect that this set, in part at least, was what inspired the ~flirt~ Bloom Series, although the flowers themselves evolved from one of my now regular prim-torturing sessions where I just play with tiny prims and see what happens.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Pearl

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Pearl

Each piece of jewellery, in fact, every single of the non-changeable prims in the enitire series, is hand-painted with homemade textures – literally hundreds of hours of painstaking work – to provide five semi-precious stone varieties: Black Onyx, Jasper, Pearl, Turquoise and Yellow Jasper.  A further set, in beautiful pink Rhodochrosite, is now exclusively available in aid of RFL2009.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Rhodochrosite::Relay For Life 2009

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Rhodochrosite:Relay For Life 2009

The metal and crystal parts of Bloom are texture change, twelve metal and twelve crystals combining to provide over 140 possible varieties! Seriously, try to find me an outfit you CAN’T match these to!  As with all ~flirt~ jewellery each piece is fitted with a “click to resize” function, and multiple attachment point versions are provided.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Black Onyx

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Black Onyx

The ~flirt~ Bloom Series isn’t “cheap”.  It is however incredible value for money, and with ~flirt~’s high build quality and attention to detail it’s an investment every fashionista needs to make.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Turquoise

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Turquoise

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Yellow Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Yellow Jasper

So, how does YOUR garden grow?

See ~flirt~ flickr stream for images of individual pieces.
Full range and demo’s available from ~flirt~ fine jewellery mainstore


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