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All new releases from now on (unless the feedback is negative of course) will include the new ~flirt~ Easyfit System and as some explanation is needed I thought I might throw in some gemeral tips for fitting jewellery to your avatar.  If this is helpful please let me know and I’ll do more of this sort of thing.  But first… Easyfit.

What IS ~flirt~ Easyfit?

Simply put, it’s merely a semi-transparent sphere attached to your jewellery that can:

  • Help you line up the jewellery correctly on your avatar
  • Make finding attached jewellery embedded inside your avatar a breeze – no more needing to cam inside!
  • Be made invisible when not needed
  • Be resized to your preference

Easyfit came about as Lorrie (~flirt~ CSR) and I were talking about how difficult it can be to fit, in particular, ~flirt~ two part necklaces.  Due to the huge variations in avatar size a complaint we kept hearing was that Part 2 of the necklace was hidden inside the chest on attachment. One option was to sell the jewellery attached further out from the body, but then *everyone* would need to re-position it rather than just those.. well, more well-endowed in the chest department 😉 So Easyfit was born. A prim large enough to be at least partially visible outside the avatar mesh, but able to be hidden.

Whilst this system is perhaps most helpful for positioning two-part necklaces and body piercings, as all ~flirt~ jewellery is built and supplied at it’s smallest setting (as minimum size is the limiting factor in SL builds) we have included it with all pieces.  The Easyfit prim is textured with the central axes marked in familiar colours, aiding alignment with whichever body part it is being fitted to.

How do I use ~flirt~ Easyfit?

Before You Start

  1. Make a copy of all pieces of your jewellery PRIOR to making any adjustments.  If the worst comes to the worst you will be able to delete and start again.  I would also suggest storing a copy somewhere safe (inside a storage prim in-world) in case of inventory loss.
  2. USE A POSE STAND. Seriously guys, you can’t make fine adjustments to any attachment whilst your avatar is flailing around being moved by your multi-stand AO. I know, you look like a dork when on a pose stand, but better five minutes doing that than walking around looking like a dork with your earrings poking out of your neck! Besides, it makes the whole debacle so much easier.  Heck, if professional builders need to do it then you do too!
ALWAYS Use A Pose Stand

ALWAYS Use A Pose Stand

Rather than cluttering up your inventory with countless posestands I have started embedding one in the notecard that comes with your jewellery (click the object icon and choose “copy to inventory”). If you still can’t find one, pick one up for free from the store, or from XStreetSL.

Basic Jewellery Fitting Using ~flirt~ Easyfit

~flirt~ Easyfit System (1)

~flirt~ Easyfit System (1)

  1. Wear your jewellery.
  2. Left click anywhere on the jewellery. A blue menu dialogue will open at the top right of your screen.  Choose “All Prims“.
  3. Use Hide/Reveal to toggle Easyfit prim visibility on and off.
  4. If your jewellery needs to be resized, left click again, “All Prims” then “Resize“.  Adjust size up or down as required. NOTE: All ~flirt~ jewellery is supplied near the smallest possible size.  Scripted resizing *will* make it smaller but may, after approx. minus 10-15%, distort the build.
  5. Once sized, right click on the attachment and choose “Edit”.  When the Edit Window opens, ensure RULER MODE is set to “Attachment“.
  6. Use the red, blue and green arrows to move the jewellery into the correct alignment.  The Easyfit prim has axis lines to help line up your jewellery with your avatar.
  7. When you are finished, simply click the attachment again to hide the Easyfit prim.

Using ~flirt~ Easyfit for Hidden/Embedded Attachments

So, you’ve found your stunning new two-part necklace in your inventory and clicked “wear” but only the part around the neck is visible. I can hear the cussing from here 😉  Fear not, retrieving that missing part no longer requires the camming skills of a virtual cardiothoracic surgeon hunting for a miscreant swab!

~flirt Easyfit System (2)

~flirt Easyfit System (2)

Below is the five point plan for retrieving embedded jewellery using Easyfit:

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+T to highlight transparent prims.
  2. The Easyfit prim attached to your jewellery will glow red even if it is not revealed.
  3. Right Click on the red Easyfit sphere, and choose “Edit“. Ensure Ruler Mode is set to “Attachment“.
  4. Use the BLUE and GREEN arrows to move the attachment out from inside the avatar mesh until it is fully visible. You should not need to use the Red arrow as your jewellery comes aligned to the mid-line. (see Fig 3.1)
  5. Position as above.

Adjusting Two-Part Necklaces

Two-part necklaces are notoriously difficult to fit perfectly,  but there are a few tricks to make it easier… including of course, using Easyfit.

  1. Wear your jewellery and follow instructions above to bring any embedded attachments out from inside your avatar/resize.
  2. It is suggested that you fit Part 1 before fitting Part 2.
  3. The Easyfit prims for Part’s 1 and 2 have been positioned such that when correctly aligned they will be approximately on top of each other.  This will vary if the jewellery has been resized significantly, so should simply be used as a guide.
  4. Use the BLUE and GREEN arrows to move the attachment closer to/further away from the avatar and up/down respectively. (see Fig 3.1)
  5. You may need to adjust the angle/rotation of the attachments to align with the slope of the chest.  To do this choose “Rotate (Ctrl)” on the Edit window and then move the RED x-axis circle.  You should NOT touch the  y- and z- axis circles. (see Fig 3.2)

Remember, if you go wrong you can use keyboard shortcut CTRL-Z  to undo the last few steps. Use it! I do ALL the time, lol.

~flirt~ Easyfit System (3.1)

~flirt~ Easyfit System (3.1)

~flirt~ Easyfit System (3.2)

~flirt~ Easyfit System (3.2)

If you have any difficulties or questions please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.  The ~flirt~ CSR Lorrie Jefferson should be your first port-of-call for any issues with jewellery fitting.

Enjoy your ~flirt~ jewellery!


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    July 25, 2009 at 2:11 am

    Hey! I don’t spell “jewelery” wrong! *laughs* That spelling you use must be from “across the pond”.. LOL!!! ((hugzzz))

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