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just to say hello..

I am so lucky to be asked to work for ~flirt~ along with such a wonderful, bright and hard working team. So here’s a few things about me.
My full name is Beulah Mills (some might know me from Ivalde) I have been in SL for just over 2 years and been part of some wonderful events such as the Peace on Earth Hunt.
I can’t work for a place unless I have a passion for the things in that store and ~flirt~ is one store I just stand and stare in awe of how much talent Skinkie has to make this jewelry. For my first post I wanted to share one of my all time fave pieces from the store, the ~flirt~ Bloom series.
The Bloom sets have to be some of the most fun, classy and great value for money pieces in SL. One set changes to so many colours, should it be the metal you change or the crystal colour. Just as in RL we buy investment pieces along with seasonal fashion – so in SL it is still the thing to do.  Bloom can be worn with anything for any event from your wedding to shopping with the girls.

I have on ~flirt~ Bloom pearl.  Metal is set to light gold and stone set to dark aqua – the center white part is the pearl that always stays the same.

Treat yourself to a piece of jewerly from ~flirt~ that will match any outfit .

BLOOM pearl

Lorrie Jefferson is the customer service rep for the company but if shes not around  IM me or drop  a  notecard – we are different time zones so one of us will be here to help at most SL times.

~flirt~ Bloom Series available from the ~flirt~ store in Juicy


~flirt~ Bloom Series

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The first set of jewellery I ever bought in Second Life was a pretty colour-change flower set from Coconut Ice which I wore constantly.  Simple and understated, I could match (or clash) the colours to everything in my wardrobe.  The scripting however, was clunky, laggy and text-based, and my love of deleting product notecards meant I quickly forgot the channel number and colour names needed to make it work.  I suspect that this set, in part at least, was what inspired the ~flirt~ Bloom Series, although the flowers themselves evolved from one of my now regular prim-torturing sessions where I just play with tiny prims and see what happens.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Pearl

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Pearl

Each piece of jewellery, in fact, every single of the non-changeable prims in the enitire series, is hand-painted with homemade textures – literally hundreds of hours of painstaking work – to provide five semi-precious stone varieties: Black Onyx, Jasper, Pearl, Turquoise and Yellow Jasper.  A further set, in beautiful pink Rhodochrosite, is now exclusively available in aid of RFL2009.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Rhodochrosite::Relay For Life 2009

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Rhodochrosite:Relay For Life 2009

The metal and crystal parts of Bloom are texture change, twelve metal and twelve crystals combining to provide over 140 possible varieties! Seriously, try to find me an outfit you CAN’T match these to!  As with all ~flirt~ jewellery each piece is fitted with a “click to resize” function, and multiple attachment point versions are provided.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Black Onyx

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Black Onyx

The ~flirt~ Bloom Series isn’t “cheap”.  It is however incredible value for money, and with ~flirt~’s high build quality and attention to detail it’s an investment every fashionista needs to make.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Turquoise

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Turquoise

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Yellow Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Yellow Jasper

So, how does YOUR garden grow?

See ~flirt~ flickr stream for images of individual pieces.
Full range and demo’s available from ~flirt~ fine jewellery mainstore


December blog roundup

Skinkie and myself are absolutely amazed about the love the blogs showed for ~flirt~ during December. Naturally, the nsowflake-inspired Esprit de Neige got a lot of attention, for example from Nissa Nightfire:


I can’t do justice here to the amazing non-bling sparkle of these gems. You have to see them in-world to appreciate the beauty of a twinkling snowflake. Fortunately — you can do that! Skinkie offers free demos in her store. And, as with all her jewelry, this set is easy to resize, and has a low ARC.

Freyja Nemeth combined Esprit de Neige with a gown from SF Designs and managed yet again a stunning combination:

The most striking feature of this jewellery is perhaps the delicacy of the prims, which really echoes the frail beauty of a snowflake. This is further emphasized by the texturing, which does a great job of getting across the feel and appearance of cold, crystalline snow. The earrings, in particular, are very lovely.

Dorothy “Dot” Willis is especially impressed by the traditional primwork of the choker:

Many unique snowflakes comprise each piece and I love the snowflake design as it’s very pretty and, it’s winter after all. I especially like the choker and the bracelet, and wow, i just looked at how many prims the choker has – 240!

My friend Laleeta Xue mentioned the ~flirt~ gift for the Peace on Earth hunt on her collaborative blog “Baking Cupcakes“:

This set looks so delicate, I simply adore it! While there have a look around at the new releases, I personally bought the new Bloom Ring. It never leaves my hand anymore!

And finally we know what Willis is talking about (clever pun, eh?) – Willow Zander showed her love not only for Esprit de Neige but also for the Bloom ring series:

I absolutely love this Choker, it comes with 2 options, glow and non glow and with 2 body attachment places too, so no more fiddling about effing it all up. […]It’s an adorable mesh of snowflake type prims and exquisite workmanship and I for one am happy I have a copy!

The Bloom rings also got reviewed by wonderful Alicia Chenaux:

Review - ~flirt~ Bloom rings

Something that I know a lot of partnered women will love is that rings for the right and left hands have been included, so there won’t be any fussing about having a partnership ring knocked off, or having to reattach to the other hand and move around. Let’s face it, sometimes you just don’t have time to do that! There is a resizer script included as well, which is a feature I love in prim jewelry since often the prims are too tiny to be reduced with a plain Stretch.

The Bloom ring in Onyx was also seen on one of Cajsa Lilliehook’s wonderful outfit combinations.

Look Of The Day [Nov.14/08]  2

A big ~flirt~ Amythyst in Platinum Tiffany Ring pulls in another dash of purple to round out the look. Having fun with a dash of colour makes me oh so very happy.


Achariya Rezak chose the Hearts & Diamonds choker to complete one of her “Dress me up” challenges:

Second, and contrasting with the toughness of the hat, is this choker from ~flirt~. I really like the quality and color-changing ability of the choker, too.

And finally one of the Wedding bands was featured on one of Second Life’s best known male fashion blogs – SL Men – by fashion blogger icon Ben Vanguard.

A warm thank you for all those wonderful reviews!


Let your Beauty Bloom

December, the Northern hemisphere has cold and dark nights. Snow, sleet, rain. Scarves and coats. And yet summer was just around the corner. Memories of warm nights, meetings with friends, taking a Latte Macchiato on the plaza. Take back that summer spirit with the Bloom rings by ~flirt~:

  • Twelve crystal textures
  • Six metal textures
  • Resize script
  • Multi texture change

Available in the ~flirt~ mainstore, Journey (next to the TULI mainstore) and Thistledown.


Bloom comes in five stone colours, denoting the central petals – Red Jasper, Yellow Jasper, Turquoise, Black Onyx and Pearl. Although these stones cannot be changed, the outer petal crystal and the metal comes with a variety of texture options which can be selected by simply clicking on your jewellery.

~flirt~ Bloom Ring Black Onyx

~flirt~ Bloom Ring Pearl

~flirt~ Bloom Ring Red Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Ring Turquoise

~flirt~ Bloom Ring Yellow Jasper

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