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FRAGILE! Makes a Statement

As the dust settles and the air clears from all of the expos and hunts, I look around and once again find myself searching for something to focus on. I know, I know… short attention span. But this IS Second Life, you know…


I go to my inventory and open my jewelry box, looking for a shiney bauble to capture my attention. I am NOT disappointed. ::grins:: Of course I’m not. My jewelry box is full of ~flirt~ fine jewelry. Reaching inside, I pull out an old favorite of mine, FRAGILE!. I smile as I slip the necklace around my throat. I hum to the radio as I clip the earrings on my ears and place a bangle on my wrist.


Original FRAGILE!

Bold and dramatic, reminiscent of Rodeo Drive, the FRAGILE! series is definitely a “signature piece”!


The marvelous FRAGILE! series is a high couture statement. This beautiful series includes individual pieces that were hand-crafted from glass and sterling silver, and it’s to-die-for! I’m certain that this series is sure to become an “old favorite” of yours as it is mine! FRAGILE! represents our innermost self and how we choose to display it to the outside world. Sometimes we feel tender, easily broken and sensitive. We choose either to display this and take a risk of getting hurt, or to protect ourselves, sheathing it from harm… but also covering it’s reflective beauty. To truly appreciate this yummy series, you really need to stop by the store and try a demo.


Black Glass FRAGILE!

Skinkies’ talent holds no limits, as evidenced by this FRAGILE! Unpredictable Necklace with black glass. I think it will make a marvelous addition to the series. Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone. ::grins::


Considering these two states of mind, Skinkie Winkler has created a VERY dramatic range of pieces to be worn as a statement, or “signature piece”, to be worn alone or combined with others in the series. And each bangle, left and right, are not meant to be mirror images, but identical pieces that “look” different when worn on different arms. How special is that??


It was no accident that you’ll not find a “set” of necklace, earrings and bangles… No two individuals are the same, and Skinkie feels that it’s not her place to choose on anyone’s behalf which piece should be worn with another. Predictable, Unpredictable, Swayed, Twisted or Split… What makes YOU feel unique?


Flirt Pic V3 web

FRAGILE! will be on sale at the ~flirt~ store in Harlow at 50% off until August 29th.

Be sure to visit us. You know you want to…

We’ll leave the light on…


~flirt~ in Harlow: ~flirt~ fine jewelry
~flirt~ NEW Main Store in Rigby: ~flirt~ fine jewelry


What I’m wearing:


Skin: – Cre@ction – Ayiki Takakura

Eyes: – MoJo Real Eyes

Eyelashes: – Crissy Designs

Hair: – Damselfly Hair Salon

Jewelry: – ~flirt~ fine jewelry


Heart and Diamonds


Hearts and Diamonds is a set I adore as it works with jeans as much as any gown or dress.

All of these colours are from one set ! Made from semi precious stone hearts and little diamonds in between to set it all. One touch brings up a menu to change to 8 different colours – its that simple

The earrings are big enough to add pure style but not to much that it takes over .

The choker adds a touch of class with the diamonds, yet lets you change the colour to suit anything you are wearing – enough to add colour, but not so much as it spoils the over all look .

The bracelet is  the finishing touch to any outfit , casual or glam. Again, with the colour change so it never clashes with what you are wearing ,yet add  that little bit extra to your over all look  as you enter any event.

This is a must have for anyone that loves fashion !

~flirt~ store in Juicy


just to say hello..

I am so lucky to be asked to work for ~flirt~ along with such a wonderful, bright and hard working team. So here’s a few things about me.
My full name is Beulah Mills (some might know me from Ivalde) I have been in SL for just over 2 years and been part of some wonderful events such as the Peace on Earth Hunt.
I can’t work for a place unless I have a passion for the things in that store and ~flirt~ is one store I just stand and stare in awe of how much talent Skinkie has to make this jewelry. For my first post I wanted to share one of my all time fave pieces from the store, the ~flirt~ Bloom series.
The Bloom sets have to be some of the most fun, classy and great value for money pieces in SL. One set changes to so many colours, should it be the metal you change or the crystal colour. Just as in RL we buy investment pieces along with seasonal fashion – so in SL it is still the thing to do.  Bloom can be worn with anything for any event from your wedding to shopping with the girls.

I have on ~flirt~ Bloom pearl.  Metal is set to light gold and stone set to dark aqua – the center white part is the pearl that always stays the same.

Treat yourself to a piece of jewerly from ~flirt~ that will match any outfit .

BLOOM pearl

Lorrie Jefferson is the customer service rep for the company but if shes not around  IM me or drop  a  notecard – we are different time zones so one of us will be here to help at most SL times.

~flirt~ Bloom Series available from the ~flirt~ store in Juicy


For Sheelagh:One-Of-A-Kind ~flirt~ Gradient Set for RFL

The Fashion Expo 2009 starts this coming Monday and runs for a week (8th thro’ 14th June) with many of Second Life’s most fabulous and talented designers taking part. The main focus of the fair is to raise money for Second Life Relay For Life, with all funds going to the American Cancer Research charity.  We’ve all been touched by the devastating effects of cancer, making this a cause close to many of our hearts.  For me on a personal level, a number of people close to me have either fought or succumbed to this devastating disease, including most recently my dear friend, Sheelagh.

Sheelagh was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before Christmas and subsequent to a total mastectomy, has this week finished her last dose of chemotherapy.  But that’s not the end of the road for her – she still has radiotherapy to undergo and further follow-up tests.  As I’ve stood with her and tried my best to support her through this I have been humbled by her determination, honesty and …she won’t mind me saying this… sheer bloody-mindedness to fight this thing.  She happens to also be my 4 year old daughter’s nursery school teacher, and has carried on working throughout, gently and compassionately educating her young charges about some of the less pleasant realities of this world, teaching them acceptance of those different to themselves as she lost her hair, laughing with them as they decked her out in an assortment of hats and scarves, showing them through the moments she couldn’t hold back her feelings any longer that it’s ok to cry.

As a friend or relative of someone with cancer it’s all too easy to feel helpless, sometimes worthless. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We can be there to give hugs, to listen, to understand, but also through events like the Fashion Expo and SLRFL, to raise money and awareness, encourage those on their journey, celebrate with those who’ve battled and won, hold hands with those who’ve lost.  So, in playing my small part, I’m pleased to be able to offer this one-of-a-kind version of the ~flirt~ Gradient Set, designed specifically for the gorgeous Mandarin Surprise Dress by SySy Chapman, to be auctioned for SLRFL.  It is dedicated to Sheelagh as a symbol of courage and hope.

~flirt~ Gradient Set in Antique Gold with Mandarin Garnets

Mandarin Surprise Dress by SySy Chapman

~flirt~ Gradient Series:One-Of-A-Kind RFL Set in Antique Gold & Garnet

This special set of ~flirt~ jewellery has been made specifically to compliment the Mandarin Surprise Dress by SySy Designs, and will be auctioned with it, 100% of the proceeds going to Relay For Life in Second Life, 2009 which benefits American Cancer Research.

The set comprises 18 pieces of hand-crafted full prim jewellery made by Skinkie Winkler to the highest standard. Her most challenging creation to date, Skinkie started building The Gradient Series almost a year ago, spending countless hours torturing and twisting prims into place. However, dis-satisfied with initial results it stayed in the depths of her inventory until it was finally completed earlier this month.

The key piece of the series, the ~flirt~ Gradient Drop Necklace, consists of no fewer than 500 prims (over two attachment points – chest and spine) with 250 tortured tiny prim gemstones cascading across the neck base and upper chest. Made from beautiful Mandarin Garnets set in Antique Gold, this set is the perfect adornmet for SySy Designs’ Mandarin Surprise Dress.

Included in the auction are:

*~flirt~ Gradient Drop Necklace – two piece necklace
*~flirt~ Gradient Drop Earrings
*~flirt~ Gradient Necklace – with chest and spine attachment versions
*~flirt~ Gradient Earrings: Grande
*~flirt~ Gradient Earrings: Petite
*~flirt~ Gradient Wrist Cuffs – right and left included
*~flirt~ Gradient Bangles – right and left included
*~flirt~ Gradient Ring – right and left included
*~flirt~ Gradient Dress Rings – right and left included

All items (excluding earrings) are fitted with Resize on Touch and feature the new ~flirt~ Easyfit System. Simply touch your jewellery and choose “reveal” to use the Easyfit prim to perfectly align each piece to your unique avatar shape. When you are done, click again and choose “hide”. If a piece is not visible at all when you first wear it, press Ctrl+Alt+T (to highlight transparent prims) and look for the red highlighted Easyfit Prim to move the attachment out from the avatar mesh, then fit as normal. Press Ctrl+Alt+T again to toggle “show transparent” back off.

Whilst this gem/metal combination will never been available elsewhere, the full set can be purchased in a variety of colours from the Fashion Expo or the (soon to open) new ~flirt~ fine jewellery mainstore in Rigby.

Please show your support and bid as much as you are able for this and the many other auction items at the Fashion Expo 2009.


~flirt~ Mainstore

Soon to Open NEW ~flirt~ Mainstore (building in progress)

SySy’s Mainstore


~flirt~ Bloom Series

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The first set of jewellery I ever bought in Second Life was a pretty colour-change flower set from Coconut Ice which I wore constantly.  Simple and understated, I could match (or clash) the colours to everything in my wardrobe.  The scripting however, was clunky, laggy and text-based, and my love of deleting product notecards meant I quickly forgot the channel number and colour names needed to make it work.  I suspect that this set, in part at least, was what inspired the ~flirt~ Bloom Series, although the flowers themselves evolved from one of my now regular prim-torturing sessions where I just play with tiny prims and see what happens.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Pearl

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Pearl

Each piece of jewellery, in fact, every single of the non-changeable prims in the enitire series, is hand-painted with homemade textures – literally hundreds of hours of painstaking work – to provide five semi-precious stone varieties: Black Onyx, Jasper, Pearl, Turquoise and Yellow Jasper.  A further set, in beautiful pink Rhodochrosite, is now exclusively available in aid of RFL2009.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Rhodochrosite::Relay For Life 2009

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Rhodochrosite:Relay For Life 2009

The metal and crystal parts of Bloom are texture change, twelve metal and twelve crystals combining to provide over 140 possible varieties! Seriously, try to find me an outfit you CAN’T match these to!  As with all ~flirt~ jewellery each piece is fitted with a “click to resize” function, and multiple attachment point versions are provided.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Black Onyx

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Black Onyx

The ~flirt~ Bloom Series isn’t “cheap”.  It is however incredible value for money, and with ~flirt~’s high build quality and attention to detail it’s an investment every fashionista needs to make.

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Turquoise

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Turquoise

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Yellow Jasper

~flirt~ Bloom Set in Yellow Jasper

So, how does YOUR garden grow?

See ~flirt~ flickr stream for images of individual pieces.
Full range and demo’s available from ~flirt~ fine jewellery mainstore


Esprit de Neige jewellery line released

The Esprit de Neige (Spirit of Snow) jewellery was created by Skinkie Winkler for the Peace on Earth hunt in December 2008. The special hunt gift is available until December 31 in the ~flirt~ mainstore:

Esprit De Neige comprises many tiny snowflakes formed from the inner core of twisted and tortured prims. Within the entire set there are no two snowflakes the same, each one is unque, individual, beautiful in it’s own right, moreso when joined with others in structured symbiosis. Nature reflecting human nature? Human nature reflecting nature?

Today, the full range of Esprit de Neige is released, adding a bracelet, a choker, earrings and a ring. All are build with hundreds of regular, tiny tortured prims. The items are available with or without subtle glow effects and look different at any given time depending on the athmospheric settings in your viewer.

~flirt~ Esprit die Neige set
~flirt~ Esprit de Neige Bracelet
~flirt~ Esprit de Neige choker
~flirt~ Esprit de Neige earrings
~flirt~ Esprit de Neige ring

~flirt~ jewellery and Avatar Rendering Cost

Each piece of ~flirt~ jewellery is hand built and 100% prim-based. Care has been taken to assure the lowest possible Avatar Rendering Cost (contribution to sim lag) possible. Where required, your jewellery is fitted with a resize script. Simply click on the root prim, usually the largest central gem, to open a dialogue box and follow the instructions. A full instructions notecard is included should you need it. You are strongly advised to use a pose stand when repositioning your jewellery, one is provided. Should you run into difficulty, and if your shape is transferable, I will be more than happy to fit your jewellery for you. This service is only available for transferable items.


We offer customisation services for all items. This can be changes to metals and stones and – where applicable – engravings. An additional cost of 500 L$ per customisation applies.

Pricing and availability

Available in the ~flirt~ mainstore and at our booth at the “Winter Fairytale” expo at Vanity Universe.

~flirt~ Esprit De Neige:Choker[MResize]BOXED Choker 700 L$
~flirt~ Esprit De Neige:DropEarringsBOXED Earrings 350 L$
~flirt~ Esprit De Neige:Bracelet[MResize]BOXED Bracelet 450 L$
~flirt~ EspritDeNeige:Ring[MResize]BOXED Ring 400 L$
~flirt~ Esprit De Neige: Full Set 1,500 L$ (save 400 L$ compared to individual items)


~flirt~ Tiffany Range officially released

Since its release in June, the ~flirt~ Tiffany Ring has been one of the signature items of jeweller Skinkie Winkler, praised in many reviews and worn by well known fashion icons. An exclusive Pink Diamond version got auctioned for Relay for Life in July. Today, we officially release the complete range of Tiffany items, consisting of bracelet, 3 necklaces (regular, pendant and double strand), stud and drop earrings and the ring, available in amethyst, diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire.


The Tiffany jewellery range was inspired, unsurprisingly, by the designs of the jewellers Tiffany & Co. of London. As with every design, the finished product is rarely identical to the inspiration, the process of building, the qualities of the prims and the limitations/lack of limits of Second Life each adding to it’s


The Tiffany Drop Earrings consist of glittering diamonds set in the finest platinum and fall in two strings from a large, rare gem encircled by precision placed micro-prim diamonds to form an earring that few will surpass. “Luxury, elegance, and decadent sexuality in equal measure.”


The three Tiffany necklaces are hand built and djusted to perfection. The Tiffany Pendant uses two attachment points (chest & spine) and boasts a combined weight of 346 prims, an ARC of only 40 and two pendant types, to suit shapes of all proportions. Finally the Tiffany Double Strand Necklace – the necklace of every woman’s dreams – showcases 417 tiny twisted and hand placed prim jewels and should be worn with pride to be seen in.


Weighing in at a mere 126 prims each, the subtle design of the Tiffany Studs add class to any outfit. In spite of the number of prims, careful design and build technique has ensured that these gems won’t lag you down, their Avatar Rendering Cost being only 35.


Comprising a single flawless 7.15 carat Linden precious gemstone surronded by double row of 75 melee diamonds set in platinum on a band shouldered by a further double row of diamonds, the ring is available with five central gemstones – Diamond, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire and Emerald. With an Avatar Rendering Cost of only 20-25 (minumum possible being 10, suggested avatar total being 500-1000) this ring is the perfect way to show a loved one just how much you care. Two rings are included in the box, fitted to the left and right hand respectively, and whilst sized for the average female hand size (20), it is fitted with a resize script to ensure the perfect fit for every shape.

~flirt~ jewellery and Avatar Rendering Cost
Each piece of ~flirt~ jewellery is hand built and 100% prim-based. Care has been taken to assure the lowest possible Avatar Rendering Cost (contribution to sim lag) possible whilst 7 below 100 in whichever combination you choose.

Where required, your jewellery is fitted with a resize script. Simply click on the root prim, usually the largest central gem, to open a dialogue box and follow the instructions. A full instructions notecard is included should you need it. You are strongly advised to use a pose stand when repositioning your
jewellery, one is provided. Should you run into difficulty, and if your shape is transferable, I will be more than happy to fit your jewellery for you. This service is only available for transferable items.


We offer customisation services for all items. This can be changes to metals and stones and – where applicable – engravings. An additional cost of 500 L$ per customisation applies.

Pricing and availability

~flirt~ Tiffany Bracelet: 400 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Necklace: 700 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Double Strand Necklace: 1000 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Drop Earrings: 450 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Pendant: 1000 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Ring: 700 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Stud Earrings: 350 L$
~flirt~ Tiffany Set: 3000 L$ (1600 L$ rebate compared to single items)

Right now, these items are only availbale in-world at the ~flirt~ mainstore (SLURL), our booth at Glamour Expo (SLURL) and our booth at Jewelry Expo (SLURL). It will take a bit until we have listed them on Xstreel SL (SL Exchange) and OnRez – please bear with us.

At all 3 locations you will also find DEMOS of the pieces, so you can try them on before you buy.

Please enjoy the Tiffany Range!

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