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We are in the Retrology Fathers day hunt!

This hunt has me so excited I can’t wait to do it.

I love to hang out  and wander around this sim so a hunt just makes it even better and to top it off ~Flirt~ is part of it.

Make sure you have a look around the place and not just TP in and out – I know you will love the place.

retro hunt poster


Aye mateys, get yer Pirate Day specials!

Hello loyal ~flirt~ crew, and landlubbing friends. Captain Skinkie has created 10 Treasures especially for the Pirate Day Hunt at Unusual Isle. She has put them into bottles, and stashed them around her store and the rest of the island, and believe me, some are pretty hard to find. Plus most of the other pirate captains anchoring at Unusual Isle have hidden treasures as well.

So move yer rotten bones and find the bounty, since today is the last day of the hunt.

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