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Who Wants Some Discounts ???

STORE-CARDS ON SALE – at the Juicy main store ONLY ~flirt~ store in Juicy

25% of all store-cards to GROUP MEMBERS – please wear your group tag  when buying these so it works.

Original Interactions, Pizazz rings and Simple Interactions items are also ALL on sale with 35%- 50% of everything.

So you can treat yourself to a full set or add to pieces you already have.

Now heres the best bit – if you are a group member,  buy a store-card THEN go and buy the sale items you want – that way getting double discount.

This could be the best time to join the ~flirt~ group – you will  recoop the 100L joining fee  no problem.

~flirt~ store in Juicy

This is an example of whats on offer – you can buy the full sets or any items you want on its own – all at discount prices.


If you buy nothing else get over and get the Simple Interaction set shown below

This set has so many differnt colours and looks its almost endless on the ways to wear it and because of the changes you can make in the colours it suits jeans and T-shirt as much as a pretty summer dress or that finsihing touch to a stunning  gown

You could ever wear  with your  wedding dress ! Then use it time and time again  on romantic dates. Find your special discount piece at ~flirt~ store in Juicy

NEW Simple Interactions Set Gradient 512


~flirt~ Karma Booster Lucky Bags

Well, I have to go into hospital tomorrow for a minor-ish op, but knowing my prediliction for having every complication under the sun I thought I should go get me some exta karma, just in case.  And what better way than to  have a sale!

Karma-Booster Lucky Bags Poster

Not just any old sale though.  I’ve made up some absolutely fantastic bargainaliscious Karma Booster Lucky Bags for you all!  Priced at either L$500 or L$1000, each one (and there are ten varieties of each) is packed full of sparkly ~flirt~ goodness worth between 2-3 times the price!!! The catch? You don’t know what’s in them until you open it up…I’m sure you will be more than happy though!  There’s LOTS of Tiffany, over half the bags containing at least one piece, plus all your other ~flirt~ favourites.

To make sure that everyone gets a shot at them I’ve set up servers to sell limited numbers of bags at different times of the day over the weekend… and on Monday as that is my Real Life birthday! Times at which the sale will start each day are listed below.

  • Wednesday 29th April – 3pm SLT
  • Thursday 30th April – 2pm SLT
  • Friday 1st May – 4pm SLT
  • Saturday 2nd May – 10am SLT
  • Sunday 3rd May – 12 noon SLT
  • Monday 4th May – 2pm SLT

Come along, boost your karma and be good to your soul!

~flirt~ fine jewellery mainstore


Fukubukuro – get your ~flirt~ New Year’s Lucky Bag (limited edition)

2009 ~flirt~ fukubukuro

In the Japanese culture, stores offer Fukubukuro (福袋) “Lucky Bags” on New Years Day. While initially used to get rid of surplus merchandise, nowadays the “Mystery Bags” have become a constant feature of popular culture. The bags are sealed and contain randomly selected regular items at hefty discounts, causing some stores to have long queues around city blocks hours before the store opens on New Years Day.

As a Thank You to our customers and the success of the ~flirt~ jewellery in 2008, we offer Fukubukuro mystery bags on New Years Day as well.

  • Only 100 Lucky Bags are available
  • Each bag contains an assortment of ~flirt~ jewellery, personally selected and combined by Skinkie Winkler, as well as some surprise non-jewellery items
  • Each bag has at least a 50% discount value
  • Selling of the bags will automatically start on Midnight SLT on January 1st and will end after 100 bags have been sold (or 24 hours after the start)
  • The jewellery in the bags will – like all ~flirt~ products – be no-transfer

Thank you very much for a great 2008 – enjoy your Fukubukuro bag!

~flirt~ Fine Prim Jewellery (SLURL)



当店をごひいきにしてくださっているお客様と、2008年における ~flirt~ ジュエリーの成功に感謝をこめて、私たちも、お正月に秘密の袋を提供いたします。

  • 福袋は100個限定
  • 各福袋は、Skinkie Winklerがセレクトした、 ~flirt~ の宝石の詰め合わせでです。
  • 各福袋とも50%以上の割引価格になっています。
  • 福袋の販売はSLT時間の0時から自動的に開始になり、100個完売時(または開始から24時間後)に終了します。
  • 福袋の宝石は、 ~flirt~のすべての商品と同様に、再販/プレゼントはできません。



Grand Re-Opening Sale

Exciting news, friends of ~flirt~. Skinkie has pushed the deadline for the Grand Re-Opening back one week, so we would like to invite you all on Sunday, September 13 to celebrate with us and see the new build and the new lines of jewellery.

Today we packed the contents of the old shop and moved it up in the sky, on a platform at 250m altitude just above the cloud layer.

And guess what, we’re doing a sale!

Almost all items are at a 50% discount until the reopening. The whole interactions line – 50% off. The Laynie necklace – 50% off. The Pizzaz and Elegance rings – 50% off. And even the famous Tiffany ring and the Pearls of Wisdom necklace is 25% off.

And finally, there is also a discontinuation/retirement sale: the earcuffs and piercings are going to be retired forever at the Grand Re-Opening – so this is the last chance to get them!

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