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XstreetSL and OnRez updates

~flirt~ Xstreet SL storefront

~flirt~ Xstreet SL storefront

Over the past couple of months we slowly switched the inventory and vendors over to the ~flirt~ store alt Flirtacious Magic. Using an alt account for business purposes solves quite a few problems, mainly seperating the transactions and circumventing the 25 group limit. The last major step was to update the web storefronts on XstreetSL (the portal formerly known as SL Exchange or SLX) and OnRez with the recent creations. This task has now been completed, so you can get the full range of Tiffany, Fragile, Hearts & Diamonds II, Pearls of Wisdom and Esprit die Neige via the web. This is also useful when you want to send ~flirt~ jewellery as a gift, since those two portals allow you to have the items delivered to another avatar.

~flirt~ OnRez storefront

~flirt~ OnRez storefront

We hope you enjoy browsing and buying ~flirt~ jewellery offline, and we kindly ask you to use the rating/commenting feature of both webshops to let other shoppers know that you like the ~flirt~ creations. As a sidenote: OnRez allows comments also by people who did not purchase an item via the web – so maybe some of our esteemed existing customers feel inclined to leave a comment too.

Click on the photos or use these links to find the webshops:

Thank you!


Be prepared for a hot end of summer

Hello ~flirt~ friends all across SL,

please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Peter Stindberg, and Skinkie Winkler has appointed me to be the person in charge of public relations and marketing at ~flirt~. I am in SL since October 2006 and founder of Babel Translations as well as GREENE concept furniture. I have a RL background in marketing and therefore complement Skinkie’s creative side very well.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the summer actions for ~flirt~

Skinkie is busy working on her whole new collection, and believe me, it’s even more breathtaking than her previous items. The natural twinkle of her creations – which makes annoying bling unnecessary – and the low avatar rendering cost make her jewellery creations truly unique in SL.

The new collection will be introduced at the GRAND STORE REOPENING planned for end of August. We will have a stunning new building, taking up design elements of the “Interactions” set. There will be a great opening party with lots of events too. Stay tuned.

The Street Fair at Unusual Isle is still open today, and I would like to invite you to ride the mechanical bull outside of the store. A ride goes at 1 L$, and the bull gives out many great prizes. Don’t give up after the first ride – it takes a little practice but then you easily score high. My personal highscore is 8064 – try to beat me!

For those of you who want to give ~flirt~ jewellery as a gift: the whole range is available on OnRez already and will be on SL Exchange soon.

So stay tuned for the events to come!

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