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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

My excitement grows each day as I await the concert I’ll be attending in Second Life. The perfect gown has been found, purchased and awaits me in my closet. The decision of what jewelry to wear is of no concern or worry to me. My jewelry box is filled with ~flirt~ fine jewelry.    ::smiles::    With the very sexy, long black gown, I’ve chosen to wear one of my favorite collections from ~flirt~. The Tiffany set in Ruby will make me the femme fatale of the evening. I smile at the thought of the tiny diamonds surrounding the most perfect rubies, twinkling as I move around the dance floor.


Tiffany in Ruby
Tiffany Double Strand Necklace & Drop Earrings in Ruby


The Tiffany jewelry range was inspired, unsurprisingly, by the designs of the jewelers Tiffany & Co. of London. As with every design, the finished product is rarely identical to the inspiration, the process of building, the qualities of the prims and the limitations and lack of limits of Second Life each adding to it’s uniqueness.


The Tiffany Collection, as well as all ~flirt~ jewelry, is fitted with a resize script where applicable to enable quick and easy resizing with a single click. Please ensure you are in a script enabled region and left click your jewelry, then follow the intuitive menu that appears.  Now I ask you, how simple is that?  We strongly advise that you make a back-up copy of your jewelry prior to fitting, and use a pose stand.


Skinkie Winkler is the designer and creator behind ~flirt~ fine jewelry, hand crafted 100% prim highly detailed jewelry of a quality you just won’t find elsewhere on the grid. Skinkie joined Second Life in February 2007, initially working in the SL club scene and ultimately co-owning a popular mainstream club. In January 2008 she left this to persue her love of art, particularly SL photography and building. She started to make jewelry in February 2008 after creating the full size moving sculpture “Interactions:Coming Full Circle”.   Seeing the beauty in it’s symmetry, it’s balance and what the “art” of the piece meant to her on a personal level, she wanted to make a wearable version. From there ~flirt~, and the “Interactions” jewelry range was born.  She has since designed and released further ranges of jewelry as well as numerous private custom pieces that are truly amazing.


Flirt Pic V3 web

Be sure to stop by and see us, and take advantage of our free demos…

We’ll leave the light on…


What I’m wearing:

Skin: – Cre@ction – Ayiki Takakura

Eyes: – MoJo Real Eyes

Eyelashes: – Crissy Designs

Hair: – Damselfly Hair Salon

Dress: – Chic Dimensions

Shape: My own

Jewelry: – ~flirt~ fine jewelry


~flirt~ Goes Goth? You’re Kidding… Right??

With the future of the Interactions line uncertain, the Full Circle line rises like a phoenix to shine brightly for all to see. This very special set comes with all sorts of amazing options – you are sure to become enamored of ~flirt~ fine jewelry.

I was amazed at the new textures that Skinkie Winkler, owner and designer of ~flirt~ fine jewelry, had come up with. I had always thought that her textures were top notch, then she came up with these new beauties and knocked my socks off! The sparkle and depth of these gemstone textures will leave you awed and amazed. But wait! There’s more!! She’s also updated the metal textures. And – OMG – there’s pewter!

I had been looking for something to wear at a Goth photo shoot I was involved in. I had decided to wear an outfit from Latex Station – DevilJack in black, designed by Chill3 Mills, but had been despairing over what jewelry to pair with it. I thought at first, no, ~flirt~ jewelry would be too dressy for this. But no! These great new metals allow me options I never had before. I decided to wear Full Circle, and with the assistance of a very user friendly texture script with pop up menus, I chose Pewter metal and Amethyst gemstones. Purrrfect!

GothFullCircle blog pic

This amazing set will become available for purchase when the new Main store opens in Rigby. Right now, we have a target date for the opening of July 11th. The set will be available with all sorts of options, to include an All Color set with all the new metals and all the new gemstones.

FullCircle blog collage2

I do hope you’ll stop by the store and take advantage of the free demos of this beautiful jewelry. See you soon!

What I’m wearing:

Skin::Leather N Latex – Gothica Skin

Shape:: My own

Eyes:: Earthstones – Moss Agate

Hair:: Devient Kitties – Suspiria in black

Dress:: Latex Station – DevilJack in black

And of course, I’m also wearing beautiful ~flirt~ jewelry..  Full Circle in Peweter and Amethyst.


Heart and Diamonds


Hearts and Diamonds is a set I adore as it works with jeans as much as any gown or dress.

All of these colours are from one set ! Made from semi precious stone hearts and little diamonds in between to set it all. One touch brings up a menu to change to 8 different colours – its that simple

The earrings are big enough to add pure style but not to much that it takes over .

The choker adds a touch of class with the diamonds, yet lets you change the colour to suit anything you are wearing – enough to add colour, but not so much as it spoils the over all look .

The bracelet is  the finishing touch to any outfit , casual or glam. Again, with the colour change so it never clashes with what you are wearing ,yet add  that little bit extra to your over all look  as you enter any event.

This is a must have for anyone that loves fashion !

~flirt~ store in Juicy


just to say hello..

I am so lucky to be asked to work for ~flirt~ along with such a wonderful, bright and hard working team. So here’s a few things about me.
My full name is Beulah Mills (some might know me from Ivalde) I have been in SL for just over 2 years and been part of some wonderful events such as the Peace on Earth Hunt.
I can’t work for a place unless I have a passion for the things in that store and ~flirt~ is one store I just stand and stare in awe of how much talent Skinkie has to make this jewelry. For my first post I wanted to share one of my all time fave pieces from the store, the ~flirt~ Bloom series.
The Bloom sets have to be some of the most fun, classy and great value for money pieces in SL. One set changes to so many colours, should it be the metal you change or the crystal colour. Just as in RL we buy investment pieces along with seasonal fashion – so in SL it is still the thing to do.  Bloom can be worn with anything for any event from your wedding to shopping with the girls.

I have on ~flirt~ Bloom pearl.  Metal is set to light gold and stone set to dark aqua – the center white part is the pearl that always stays the same.

Treat yourself to a piece of jewerly from ~flirt~ that will match any outfit .

BLOOM pearl

Lorrie Jefferson is the customer service rep for the company but if shes not around  IM me or drop  a  notecard – we are different time zones so one of us will be here to help at most SL times.

~flirt~ Bloom Series available from the ~flirt~ store in Juicy

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