FRAGILE! Makes a Statement

As the dust settles and the air clears from all of the expos and hunts, I look around and once again find myself searching for something to focus on. I know, I know… short attention span. But this IS Second Life, you know…


I go to my inventory and open my jewelry box, looking for a shiney bauble to capture my attention. I am NOT disappointed. ::grins:: Of course I’m not. My jewelry box is full of ~flirt~ fine jewelry. Reaching inside, I pull out an old favorite of mine, FRAGILE!. I smile as I slip the necklace around my throat. I hum to the radio as I clip the earrings on my ears and place a bangle on my wrist.


Original FRAGILE!

Bold and dramatic, reminiscent of Rodeo Drive, the FRAGILE! series is definitely a “signature piece”!


The marvelous FRAGILE! series is a high couture statement. This beautiful series includes individual pieces that were hand-crafted from glass and sterling silver, and it’s to-die-for! I’m certain that this series is sure to become an “old favorite” of yours as it is mine! FRAGILE! represents our innermost self and how we choose to display it to the outside world. Sometimes we feel tender, easily broken and sensitive. We choose either to display this and take a risk of getting hurt, or to protect ourselves, sheathing it from harm… but also covering it’s reflective beauty. To truly appreciate this yummy series, you really need to stop by the store and try a demo.


Black Glass FRAGILE!

Skinkies’ talent holds no limits, as evidenced by this FRAGILE! Unpredictable Necklace with black glass. I think it will make a marvelous addition to the series. Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone. ::grins::


Considering these two states of mind, Skinkie Winkler has created a VERY dramatic range of pieces to be worn as a statement, or “signature piece”, to be worn alone or combined with others in the series. And each bangle, left and right, are not meant to be mirror images, but identical pieces that “look” different when worn on different arms. How special is that??


It was no accident that you’ll not find a “set” of necklace, earrings and bangles… No two individuals are the same, and Skinkie feels that it’s not her place to choose on anyone’s behalf which piece should be worn with another. Predictable, Unpredictable, Swayed, Twisted or Split… What makes YOU feel unique?


Flirt Pic V3 web

FRAGILE! will be on sale at the ~flirt~ store in Harlow at 50% off until August 29th.

Be sure to visit us. You know you want to…

We’ll leave the light on…


~flirt~ in Harlow: ~flirt~ fine jewelry
~flirt~ NEW Main Store in Rigby: ~flirt~ fine jewelry


What I’m wearing:


Skin: – Cre@ction – Ayiki Takakura

Eyes: – MoJo Real Eyes

Eyelashes: – Crissy Designs

Hair: – Damselfly Hair Salon

Jewelry: – ~flirt~ fine jewelry


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