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FRAGILE! Makes a Statement

As the dust settles and the air clears from all of the expos and hunts, I look around and once again find myself searching for something to focus on. I know, I know… short attention span. But this IS Second Life, you know…


I go to my inventory and open my jewelry box, looking for a shiney bauble to capture my attention. I am NOT disappointed. ::grins:: Of course I’m not. My jewelry box is full of ~flirt~ fine jewelry. Reaching inside, I pull out an old favorite of mine, FRAGILE!. I smile as I slip the necklace around my throat. I hum to the radio as I clip the earrings on my ears and place a bangle on my wrist.


Original FRAGILE!

Bold and dramatic, reminiscent of Rodeo Drive, the FRAGILE! series is definitely a “signature piece”!


The marvelous FRAGILE! series is a high couture statement. This beautiful series includes individual pieces that were hand-crafted from glass and sterling silver, and it’s to-die-for! I’m certain that this series is sure to become an “old favorite” of yours as it is mine! FRAGILE! represents our innermost self and how we choose to display it to the outside world. Sometimes we feel tender, easily broken and sensitive. We choose either to display this and take a risk of getting hurt, or to protect ourselves, sheathing it from harm… but also covering it’s reflective beauty. To truly appreciate this yummy series, you really need to stop by the store and try a demo.


Black Glass FRAGILE!

Skinkies’ talent holds no limits, as evidenced by this FRAGILE! Unpredictable Necklace with black glass. I think it will make a marvelous addition to the series. Shhhhh… don’t tell anyone. ::grins::


Considering these two states of mind, Skinkie Winkler has created a VERY dramatic range of pieces to be worn as a statement, or “signature piece”, to be worn alone or combined with others in the series. And each bangle, left and right, are not meant to be mirror images, but identical pieces that “look” different when worn on different arms. How special is that??


It was no accident that you’ll not find a “set” of necklace, earrings and bangles… No two individuals are the same, and Skinkie feels that it’s not her place to choose on anyone’s behalf which piece should be worn with another. Predictable, Unpredictable, Swayed, Twisted or Split… What makes YOU feel unique?


Flirt Pic V3 web

FRAGILE! will be on sale at the ~flirt~ store in Harlow at 50% off until August 29th.

Be sure to visit us. You know you want to…

We’ll leave the light on…


~flirt~ in Harlow: ~flirt~ fine jewelry
~flirt~ NEW Main Store in Rigby: ~flirt~ fine jewelry


What I’m wearing:


Skin: – Cre@ction – Ayiki Takakura

Eyes: – MoJo Real Eyes

Eyelashes: – Crissy Designs

Hair: – Damselfly Hair Salon

Jewelry: – ~flirt~ fine jewelry


~flirt~ reviews October / November 2008

Over the past – ahem – “weeks” we got some wonderful reviews of the ~flirt~ jewellery again. A surprisingly large number of fashion blogger combine the creations with lingerie, thus underlining the subtle erotic impression of the pieces.

SL-AnaLutetia-reviews1229-blogSL supermodel Ana Lutetia, who normally does not review jewellery on its own, dedicated a whole post with wonderful photographies to the sensual lingerie by Ornamental Boudoir combined with the whole range of ~flirt~ creations, including the Tiffany Range, Hearts & Diamonds, Fragile, Pearls of Wisdom and the Interactions range. In Ana’s own words:

“Skinkie really did an amazing job creating the pieces and the textures are distinctive.”

Nissa Nightfire posted a wonderful picture, suggesting that the Tiffany Ruby set is perfect for your Holiday wardrobe:

This beautiful set is from ~flirt~ and features about a gazillion tiny prims, tortured into brilliant gems. […] You can’t go wrong with these jewels in your holiday wardrobe.

Efemera Bisiani of “Efemeral Style” uses the newly released Hearts & Diamonds to enhance a more formal outfit.

This really is the sort of “fine” jewelry you expect to find in up-to-date high-end stores, the traditional gentle glimmer of diamonds set against highly polished metalwork, or smoothly shaped gemstones.

Resourceful Gabby Panacek of “Couture Conundrum” has reviewed our items before, but grew especially fond of the new Hearts & Diamonds set:

“Just one more note about ~flirt~ jewelry. I don’t know about you, but often I use jewelry to add a little “shine” to my wardrobe. The challenge, though, is often in finding the little bit of shine and glitz you want without the dreaded bling. Skinkie has solved this challenge for me. Her designs sparkle without being the least bit blinding or ostentatious, and they are so meticulously designed.”

Skinkie Winkler creates the Calla anniversary gift“Baking Cupcakes” author Laleeta Xue praised the free gift for Calla’s second anniversary:

My favorite gift is this gorgeous brooch from Flirt. The brooch has a menu when you click on it that allows you to resize it and change the textures of the flowers and stems separately so you have tons of different ways to wear it!

And Reid Lorefield of “Free Finds for Men” concludes:

Skinkie Winkler of ~flirt~ has included a gift for the guys; this spectacular lily to fit on the lapel of a suit. It is stunning. I look forward to seeing what else she comes out with for men.

Thank you very much all of you, the reviews are wonderful!

P.S. If you reviewed ~flirt~ jewellery in the past and are not featured here, please let us know!


Kitty and Willow love ~flirt~

Delightful Kitty O’Toole posted some photos of her wearing ~flirt~ jewellery on Flickr a few days ago, so we knew she mit write something on it soon. We were not prepared for the amount of praise though:

Fragile....The textures really are as good as the PR would suggest and I’m seriously enamoured with it, BUT I’m absolutely besotted with the ‘Fragile’ series, created by Skinkie Winkler ( FABULOUS name!) I haven’t taken it off since I received it! […] It’s evident that the people behind Flirt don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk when it comes to creating quality, and if this were the real life high street it would be the kind of loveliness that only the very best stores would sell.

Willow Zander shows that the Tiffany range can be nicely combined with Neko ears, and even though the Fragile series does not meet her personal taste, she enjoyed it nevertheless:

Tiffany is a GORGEOUS set, the detail in it is AMAZING and I don’t think i’ve ever in my whole Slife seen such a gorgeous Diamond texture as this, honestly. I love the colour of the Ruby it’s very precise and clear as crystal, they really do look genuine […] There is also NO bling in these babies, isn’t that great 😀 Overall I think all I can say about these are OMFG GORGEOUS! SRSLY!

Read her full report on her blog. Thank you Kitty and Willis!


Wonderful reviews

With Jewelry Expo and Glamour Expo at the same time, the ~flirt~ jewellery got a lot of exposure. I would like to share the recent reviews.

Freyja Nemeth combined both the Tiffany and the Fragile sets with some stunning red lingerie, showing the sublime sex appeal of diamonds on a female skin.

The Fragile series is quite a contrast to the classic elegance of the Tiffany series. It too is elegant, absolutely, but it is also very modern, designed to look like it is crafted from sterling silver and glass. The glass, in particular, is a very innovative look that I don’t think I have seen before on SL, and I also think the end result is quite striking. There is, I think, something architectural about it.

Phoebe Petrov of Fashionality combines the Hearts & Diamonds series with a variation of the Little Black Dress and a focus on sheer stockings.

If you haven’t been by to visit ~flirt~, I definitely recommend a visit, Skinkie Winkler’s designs are gorgeous!

~flirt~ Hearts & DiamondsDorothy Willis has reviewed ~flirt~ jewellery in the past and shows Hearts & Diamonds on a wonderful Last Call outfit.

Phoenix Chapman of “Be less stupid” was rather critical of Jewelry Expo this year. All the more reason to be proud that she liked the Tiffany Set.

I loitered in front of Flirt’s booth for quite a while, looking at the gorgeous posters with the fancy jewelry, and I couldn’t decide what I wanted for the life of me! […] My absolute favourite was the Tiffany set in Ruby, and I put it right on. […] They’re well-done and the bling is non-existent (yay!) and besides ruby, they come in several other gemstone types, so even if rubies aren’t your thing, there’s plenty else to choose from.

Thank you all for those kind and nice reviews!


Handle with care – the ~flirt~ Fragile! set

The FRAGILE! series of high couture statement jewellery from ~flirt~ is a range of individual pieces hand-crafted from glass and sterling silver. The dichotomy of the materials is a reflection of the human condition. More specifically, FRAGILE! represents our innermost self and how we choose to display it to the outside world. Oftentimes our core is tender, easily broken, sensitive. We choose either to display this and risk damage, or to protect it, sheathing it from harm, but also covering it’s reflective beauty.


Considering these two states, Skinkie Winkler created a range of dramatic pieces to be worn as a statement, alone or combined with others in the range. It is purposeful that no “set” of necklace, earrings and bangles has been put together: No two individuals are the same, and Skinkie feels it is not her place to choose on your behalf which goes with which. Predictable, Unpredictable, Swayed, Twisted or Split… what makes up your unique self?


The three necklaces consist of a unique combination of sterling silver and glass and has a unique touch of “not possible in real life”. The chain element is hand positioned, and fits perfectly to a wide range of shapes, easily adjustable with the built-in resize script.


Picking up the theme of the necklaces the Fragile earrings feature the same unique combination of glass and silver. The Disc earrings feature clear and sharp lines of the precious metal, while the Glass Disc earrings are a variation of the initial combination of the unlikely pair of materials.


The series of 4 twisted bangles further explore the possibilities of silver and glass, splitting the metal – or getting split by it, framing the metal or getting framed by it. The varying parts allow to combine these modern and almost architectural parts with a wide range of clothing.

The Fragile V2 Bangle and the Chunky bangle again emphasize on variations of the same theme – glass and metal, here light, there massive. The ultimate in lightness is the Disc bangle, featuring 11 slices of ultra-thin metal.

Please note: The left and right bangles are not meant to be mirror images, but identical pieces which “look” different when worn on different arms. This is an artistic decision, not a mistake or poor workmanship.

~flirt~ jewellery and Avatar Rendering Cost
Each piece of ~flirt~ jewellery is hand built and 100% prim-based. Care has been taken to assure the lowest possible Avatar Rendering Cost (contribution to sim lag) possible.

Where required, your jewellery is fitted with a resize script. Simply click on the root prim, usually the largest central gem, to open a dialogue box and follow the instructions. A full instructions notecard is included should you need it. You are strongly advised to use a pose stand when repositioning your
jewellery, one is provided. Should you run into difficulty, and if your shape is transferable, I will be more than happy to fit your jewellery for you. This service is only available for transferable items.


We offer customisation services for all items. This can be changes to metals and stones and – where applicable – engravings. An additional cost of 500 L$ per customisation applies.

Pricing and availability

~flirt~ FRAGILE! Bangle v2[Resize] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Chunky Bangle[Resize](ARC43) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Disc Bangle[Resize](ARC48) 150 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Disc Earrings [ARC29] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Earrings [ARC82] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Glass Disc Earrings [ARC66] 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Predictable Necklace [Resize](ARC255) 500 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Split By Glass Bangle[Resize](ARC39) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Split Glass Bangle[Resize](ARC79) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Swayed Necklace[Resize](ARC255) 500 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Twisted Bangle[Resize](ARC83) 150 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Twisted Glass Bangle[Resize](ARC83) 200 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Unpredictable Necklace[Resize](ARC255) 500 L$
~flirt~ FRAGILE! Everything Pack 2,900 L$ (500 L$ rebate compared to single items)

Right now, these items are only availbale in-world at the ~flirt~ mainstore (SLURL), our booth at Glamour Expo (SLURL) and our booth at Jewelry Expo (SLURL). It will take a bit until we have listed them on Xstreel SL (SL Exchange) and OnRez – please bear with us.

At all 3 locations you will also find DEMOS of the pieces, so you can try them on before you buy.

Please enjoy the Fragile Range!


Cerrie Janus combines Sn@tch and ~flirt~

Cerrie Janus of Fashion Ascension combines a wonderful blue cashmere sweater with the new Fragile bangles and earrings and creates a stunning ensemble.

I dressed the whole look up with the new Fragile glass jewelry creations from Flirt. I love this jewelry, super inventive. The earrings were a gift from the Glamour Expo so make sure and snap those up.

The Glamour Expo runs until October 25, so make sure you visit the ~flirt~ booth and pick up the exclusive expo gift there.



A fabulous fusion of glass and metal

Our lovely neighbour on the Juicy sim – Nissa Nightfire – visited the ~flirt~ booth at Jewelry Expo and “fell in love” (her words) with two creations. While Nissa appreciates the subtle chique of Hearts & Diamonds…

One of the things I love about this earring is that it is able to make a significant visual statement without taking over the outfit.

… she is excited about the avantgarde impression the new Fragile set gives:

The second set of earrings are probably not what I would call classic, but are out there on the edge of contemporary jewelry design.

Read her full review here and make sure to check out her shop too – as coincidence goes she even has a lovely “Fragile” sweater there with a great value-for-money ratio.

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